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The slippery slope from triumphant profitability to financial disaster
Seeing a business descend from the calm of profitability to the chaos of collapse and liquidation is watching a tragedy that destroys jobs, devastates communities, and imposes losses on stakeholders such as creditors, landlords and lenders.
Cybercrime and the art of possible
Malicious actors with highly sophisticated hacking tools take data hostage and demand enormous ransoms.
Behaving well in your business community
Being a good business citizen is a more productive strategy than acting like a predator.
Why is negative working capital so popular?
A significant percentage of companies across the UK economy now operate with greater short-term liabilities than their ‘quick’ assets. Some consider this to represent a higher commercial risk to the business itself and its stakeholders.
UK business investment lags behind competitors
UK business investment is poor and has been for decades, doing untold damage to productivity and limiting the economy’s growth.
Stopping healthy competition turning into rivalry
Competition is a natural part of doing business. The urge to succeed is hard-wired into entrepreneurs and will always bring them head-to-head with other businesses in their market. What happens next could be positive or it could escalate into bitter rivalry, which damages profitability, heightens risk and threatens reputations.
Coping with a low growth, no growth economy
2023 was a difficult year with little growth, soaring interest rates, record insolvencies and an inflation crisis.
Shareholder and management agendas
Shareholder disputes are not common, but they can be devastating. Investors and managers need to understand each other’s objectives, communicate regularly, and maintain an open-minded dialogue, especially when times are hard.
Being a force for good
Storage technology experts by day and humanitarian aid supporters by night.
Borderless data - acting locally, thinking globally
Today’s supply chains require data to be shared. But with the regulatory landscape having never been more complex, data and technology leaders must not only meet new compliance demands, but also rising expectations from their organization to use data to meet business goals.
Does IT infrastructure really matter? YES!
No one would dispute that Information technology has become the backbone of commerce. As IT’s power and presence have expanded, companies have come to view it as a resource ever more critical to their success.
It's not always malware
Threats to data are increasing, yet it is not always about malware attacks.
Can IoT adopters manage the security and privacy challenges in smart utilities?
The utility sector is undergoing a huge transformation, becoming highly connected infrastructures, with millions of endpoints, including smart meters and smart grid devices.
Taking credit management solutions to the next level
When it comes to taking credit management solutions to the next level it’s important to listen to market needs, learn the lessons from processes of the past and build them into the technology solutions of the future.
Business productivity gains
Digital transformation efforts are driving enterprises to refresh and modernize their server, storage, and/or data protection infrastructure, and many are turning to storage systems equipped with solid-state storage.
GDPR - the benchmark for a global privacy network 
The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set the precedent for privacy and data laws around the world with 71% of countries now having data protection regulations in place and a further 9% with legislation in development.
In conversation with Alex Zerlang and Christian Melby
As Summa Equity (“Summa”) acquires a majority stake in cybersecurity leader Logpoint, we talk to Jesper Zerlang, CEO, Logpoint, and Christian Melby, Summa Equity Partner and Chief Investment Officer, about the next stage in Logpoint’s development.
Improving the bottom line
In the face of continuing economic uncertainty and a recession threat, every company is hyper-focused on cost management and financial performance. Whatever any possible downturn may bring, what is clear is that the CFOs is on the hook to deliver a solution.
Ego gains workflow edge with Esker
Ego Pharmaceuticals reduces invoice processing time with Esker's Accounts Payable solution to improving supplier and employee experience.  Now equipped with customisable dashboards Ego can track invoices at every stage, monitor important KPIs, and gains full process transparency over the invoicing function.

In conversation with Laura Martin, Conga

As Customer Success Director, Laura Martin works closely with c-suite executives and board of directors to develop and execute successful digital programmes to support revenue operations optimization.
Teamwork equals business achievements
Vendors and channel partners can only do well in their businesses when their customers’ businesses are growing too.
In conversation with Dr John Bates, SER Group
Demand for digital enterprise content management solutions surged during the pandemic and, as customer expectations and the urgency around enhanced process efficiency continue to soar, many companies are now looking to take such capabilities to the next level.
A new home for SMEs
SME operations changed for good due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the modern office and workspace carries forward some elements of the hybrid working model that grew so popular during the height of the pandemic there are some fantastic real estate opportunities out there, explains the author of this article.
Offset and greenwashing
There is a growing awareness in business that being greener helps organizations build a reputation for doing the right thing, creating a positive effect in the world, as well as giving them a considerable competitive edge.
How CFOs can secure savings by focusing on indirect spend
Rationalizing indirect spend is an area that, provided you have the right tools, is a perfect area for cost optimization.
Cyber insurance and loss prevention
In a world where cyber threats are varied (and constantly changing), cyber insurance can protect organizations from losses due to security incidents.
Getting the board IPO ready
To succeed, companies need to view divestitures in a way that goes beyond the traditional M&A approaches. In this article the author explains more about the process – and why a combination of skills and relationships are needed to make public ownership a success.
Carbon Accounting and Offsetting
This article attempts to provide some hope and a layman’s explanation of some of the terminology, the causes of climate change and the actions that every business can take and the easy steps that are available to address these seemingly insurmountable issues.
Pharmeceuticals: Maintaining compliance as regulated apps move off premise
As pharmaceutical companies become more confident and ambitious in their use of the cloud to host, run and source applications, more recently extending the model to regulated applications, important considerations arise – particularly around associated systems validation and data governance.
Esker improves CX at Fujifilm
As a leading provider in offering smarter ways to work with document-related solutions and services, Fujifim Business Innovation Corporation, struggling to cope with manually processing an average of 32,500 invoices each month, but has now transformed its operations using Esker's accounts receivable solutions.
Book Review: "Civil Justice after COVID - a change for the better?"
Mention law books and many an executive’s eye will glaze over. Often seen as dry and uninspiring, most legal books will be the ideal cure for insomnia.
Driving innovation in transport systems
Just as employees are being rallied by the Government to return to the workplaces and adapt to the new ‘norm’ of living with the Covid Omicron virus, it is feared that safety concerns around social distancing could push commuters away from trains despite the green agenda.
Opportunities in a fractured European marketplace
Euronext’s recent announcement of its intended move from the Basildon data centre, in the UK, to Bergamo in Italy, is making waves amongst equity market participants.
Book Review - The Muffin Man Chronicles - Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success
When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are many inspiring stories. But Steve Marks’ book “The Muffin Man Chronicles – Recipes for entrepreneurial success” certainly has the edge on all of them.
Perfecting revenue recognition - a business imperative
Despite the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards deadlines of 2017 and 2018 respectively, many public and privately held companies are still not compliant.
WFH and what it means to your taxes
Businesses around the world are seeing the substantial benefits of remote working post-Covid 19. 
Behavioural Biometrics and customer identity fraud
With synthetic identity fraud on the rise, behavioural biometrics enable banks to balance customer experience and fraud prevention.
Open banking - are you ready to become a banking ecosytem?
Open banking is enabling new ways for people to manage their money. Financial products and services that deliver better outcomes, have the ability for consumers to see on one screen all their accounts, complete with credit scores, to more accurately reflect who they are, and to safeguard any financially vulnerable.
YourDMS transforms FJ Chalke
With showrooms throughout Somerset, FJ Chalke continues to grow, but like most businesses that experience rapid growth, the challenges of managing increased amounts of paperwork become a much larger task.  With help from YourDMS (, FJ Chalke are transforming its operations"
The value of opinion-based content
Tumultuous times for brands and businesses such as those that the pandemic has created, shifted more attention to the marketing department. Budgets need to convert to ROI – and fast – else marketers will be shown the door.
Preventing fraud in Accounts Payable - how technology can help
Fraud within the Accounts Payable department is more common than most businesses think, explains the author of this article. With an estimated 5% of every company’s annual revenue lost each year due to fraudulent activities, a loss of revenue is not the only problem businesses face.
On campus, colocation, or in the cloud?
Higher education and research organizations faced with challenges for urgent digitization of their applications and data platforms, are now moving their IT infrastructure off-campus and into a purpose build data centre to ensure that their IT works harder for less.


Recovery in Sight After Pandemic Disrupts Global Trade

The pandemic hasn't changed trade forever but it has accelerated trends that would have taken up to two decades to emerge. It has also rocked the global economic climate and trading environment to its core.
How to launch a thriving B2B marketplace
One of the current most hotly debated issues in corporate marketing revolves around Purpose. It seems we are all striving to find out what is the purpose of Corporate Purpose and how personal purpose can be reflected in the values and actions of the businesses we represent: as leaders, teams and partners.

What is the purpose of corporate purpose?

One of the current most hotly debated issues in corporate marketing revolves around Purpose. It seems we are all striving to find out what is the purpose of Corporate Purpose
Breaking the AI glass ceiling
In a world driven by connections, graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analyzing connected data because they are specifically built to operate on relationships.
Customer insights
Today, your customers are more self-sufficient – and more in control – than ever before. Subscriptions, renewals, and repeat customers are totally dependent on delivering both immediate value and a differentiating experience, where one not-so perfect exchange could lead a customer straight to your competitor.
Modifying business processes for the new different
It is paramount that CEOs can re-work their business processes to get clarity on strategic direction for the business moving forward. This short and long-term view is invaluable in better managing an enterprise’s resources and day-to-day operations.
Social media and data
Society’s relationship with data has permanently changed explains Tom Andrews at Rightly.
In a business full of acronyms, why are ABM MDM and DEP so important?
There is a new range of acronyms in town – DEP, MDM and ABM. But what do they mean and why do they matter?

Limitation in post-covid procurement claims
Following a recent High Court case which focused on limitation and communication issues in the post-Covid homeworking context, the authors discuss the importance of acting clearly and quickly when it comes to any potential procurement challenge.
Forget Working from Home, now its Working from Anywhere
The workplace of the future is likely to be very different to the one we have all experienced in the past. The recent worldwide Pandemic and the need to work from home (WFH) gave us a glimpse into a new way of working, but as staff begin to return to offices, there is a new standard emerging – Working from Anywhere
The importance of  Intellectual Property for SMEs

For many businesses, Intellectual Property can consist of many different areas, from logos and corporate identity through to products, services and processes which differentiates the business from its competitors.

Contract formation and the 'Battle of the Forms' - High Court shoots down 'Last Shot' doctrine

A recent High Court case challenges received wisdom regarding which terms prevail where parties negotiate and contract on standard terms and conditions.

Case Study - YourDMS streamlines Pets Corner
A combination of Abbyy Flexicapture – for data extraction – and Invu Document Management and Workflow – for easy storage, retrieval and management of information, sees YourDMS streamline processes at Pet Corner.
Employee injunctions - recent cases on protecting confidential information

For many employers, confidential information, customer connections and a pool of skilled employees are fundamental to the success of their business.

Case Study - Pulsant meets customer demand with Infinidat

Identifying and deploying innovative, robust, technology is critical to the continued success of the Pulsant business. The company invests heavily in software, infrastructure and skills in order to remain agile and boost its competitive edge.

The future of collections 2021
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to shape the strategies of collections and recoveries for years to come as credit grantors, consumers and governments battle the after-effects.
Interview feedback - SAR your employer for interview notes

As an employer, giving interview feedback can be seen as another touchpoint for your company in creating a competitive employer brand that is both appealing and attractive to prospective employees.

Handling employee data

The Human Resource department holds a lot of personal information about the organization’s employees, from details of any medical conditions, through to salary and bank account details.

Financial diversification with offshore banking

Whether it is for personal or business use, offshore banking give you all the modern banking conveniences you need, with the addition of enhanced privacy, asset protection services, favourable interest rates, and access to international investment opportunities.

E-KYC in the era of rising digital crime
Even before COVID-19, the risks of online fraud were being highlighted by industry professionals. Earlier this year Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, reported that in 2019 over 364,000 cases were recorded to its database1 – the highest ever recorded.
Why CEOs are shifting to business-driven WAN
Every enterprise’s digital transformation journey is different, and as applications migrate to the cloud businesses both large and small are faced with opportunities and challenges.
AI demand increases

A new report published by FICO and Corinium has found the demand for AI, data, and digital tools has soared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case Study - Streamlining AP using YourDMS
With over 300 employees Charlton Athletic football club were looking to achieve maximum efficiency within all areas of its business.  This case study explains how YourDMS helped the club streamline its accounts payable system.
Managing people in SMEs

As all companies change, grow and evolve the need for management is paramount. No more so that SMEs and startups who find that they are scaling up quicker than they anticipated.

Implementing a seamless customer experience
As the rise in remote working continues and technology hands customers unprecedented power to dictate the rules in purchasing goods and services, the lines between products, services and customer experience blur.
Redesigning jobs in Financial Services

The continued impact of COVID-19 is being felt in Britain’s workplaces, as new data from specialist recruiter Robert Half reveals one-in-three businesses are rescoping roles to assist with post-lockdown recovery.

Intellectual Property in the age of industry 4.0
Intellectual Property is the new asset class, yet its importance is rarely accounted for – this is because we most often equate value with money. For many businesses Intellectual Property can consist of many different areas, from logos and corporate identity through to products, services and processes which differentiates the business from its competitors.
Protecting yourself against recession

The coronavirus continues to impact the world economy. While there is no fool proof way to ‘recession-proof’ your finances, establishing a solid base now will put you in better position to weather the storm.

The transformation of European energy trading - an expert insight
When the energy markets first opened-up in the early 1990’s, market participants completed weekly planning and scheduling, using rudimentary forecasting and analysis tools. But now times have changed.
The role of BI in business relationships

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses are generating data at an alarming pace but it often exists in silos across the business making it difficult to gain an accurate, real-time overview of how the organization is performing.

Profile of an author: Daniel Peltz OBE

We talk to property expert, philanthropist and author, Daniel Peltz OBE who books include The Indomitable Chiesa Di Santa Maria, Out of the Blue, Daffodils Before Swallows, and Blood Ties – to find out why being an author is all in the day’s work for this very busy man.

Tax evasion, avoidance and efficiency - which are legal?
Tax is a subject close to the hearts of most individuals and business owners. Three terms frequently used in conversations around tax savings are tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax efficiency.
Use Existing Banking Technology for API-led Strategies to Attract Fintechs
Banks can adopt several strategies when working with fintechs. Those most commonly discussed range from programmes to instill an entrepreneurial agile culture within banks, building and engaging extensively with developer communities, and building internal developer capacity.
Case Study - Modiano

As an organisation, Modiano is very paper intensive with its shipping process generating large amounts of documentation for Customs and hauliers. 

Economic recovery post Covid-19

Almost overnight, COVID-19 and lockdown changed the face of our economy and its legacy will be felt for decades.

New normal for trading firms

There may have been a few hitches in financial firms switching to trading floors to people’s living rooms, but owing to a rise in cloud-based technologies, many companies were able to transition fairly smoothly.

Book Review - "More Time to Think - the Power of Independent Thinking"

I first read Time to Think by Nancy Kline in 2001, and reread it recently. More Time to Think was published a decade after her first book and it clearly articulates the learning the author has had from using the principles in the first book. There’s no need to read both, but there is benefit in reading either. If you are starting from scratch then More Time to Think is a good starting point.

Case Study - Solar Insurance Services
"The whole process of storing our indexed documents straight into Invu is an integral part of what we do - it’s part of the daily routine," says Solar Insurance.
Introduction to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been in existence for quite some time, the concept being introduced by computer engineer Wei Dai that led to him publishing a paper in 1998 where is discussed “B-money” and the idea of a digital currency which could be sent along a group of untraceable digital pseudonyms.

Environmental  marketing
Since 2018, public pushes for degradable products and environmental marketing have been common-place. Increasingly, companies are using disposable coffee cups, recycled paper and biodegradable plastic alternatives.
Popularity of Podcasts

Podcasts present organizations with a great marketing opportunity.

Defeating business disruption

Nearly every organization is dependent on some form of technology and connectivity, and in a time of crisis, the term ‘IT resilience’ is directly intertwined with the resilience of the business.


Powering staff for remote working

The technology industry has been the enabler of remote working in some way, shape, or form for some time, whether it is required due to personal appointments, childcare or work life balance.

Collections and Covid-19

The tumultuous change – in health, job security and, consequently, personal finances – caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to shape the strategies of collections and recoveries for years to come.

Remote working and Covid-19

It is fair to say that every person, family and business on the planet has been affected, to varying extents, by the COVID-19 outbreak.


Furloughed workers and what it means for business 

The coronavirus has changed the world and some companies are finding that they are unable to operate or they have no work for staff to do during the pandemic.


Coronavirus and employment

The increasing severity of the coronavirus outbreak has moved beyond just a risk to health, as it begins to impact stock markets around the world and the way businesses undertake their commercial activities.


Connecting the global financial markets

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe,” said John Muir,

Scottish-American Naturalist and Author (1838-1914), and this is particularly true for the global financial markets.


Calm. Care. Communicate - Now  it's time to be the trusted advisor

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, it would be all too easy to see only the negative in what is happening.

Best staffing solutions during Covid-19

New research from international recruitment agency, Robert Half UK, reveals that over 70% of UK workers are currently reassessing their career options despite COVID-related job insecurity.

Case Study - Freedman Frankl & Taylor

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses are generating data at an alarming pace but it often exists in silos across the business making it difficult to gain an accurate, real-time overview of how the organization is performing.

Decision making

Managing the decision-making process in a company is a crucial part of maintaining a well-functioning organization. As the author of this article explains, when it comes to decision-making, the choices you make are key in shaping the future of the business.

Coronavirus and contractual obligations

The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an exceptional event that’s becoming an increasing public and workplace priority.  In this article the authors offer essential legal and practical advice for businesses concerned about Coronavirus.

Harnessing the power of AI

For buyers looking to unlock this cash and put it to work, there are many different tools and strategies available

Workflow optimization

Optimization technology – which offers quantifiable SLAs and targets for core business processes – is still very much the preserve of the front office.

State of mobile 2020
The annual appraisal of mobile by leading mobile data and analytics company App Annie provides insight into mobile’s expansive impact across industries and the global economy.
The challenge of collaboration

Collaboration has long been a characteristic of high-performing organizations. To encourage it, many companies broke down cubicle walls and pushed employees to work in a communal space, but there is so much more to achieving true collaboration.

Integrity in business

As businesses face evolving challenges, insight, integrity, courage, and agility become dramatically more important.  In particularly, integrity must start at the helm before it can percolate down through the deepest layers and become the heart and soul of the company’s culture.

Utility debt and regulations

Ofgem2 and Ofwat3 have been strengthening their regulatory frameworks to place more emphasis on a utility provider’s financial performance and financial resilience.

Spotting money laundering links

Money laundering is on the rise. The faster you can pinpoint questionable behaviours, the faster you can tackle the issue. 


Megatrends for 2020
Trends affecting the accounting profession continue, and as clients demand more, technology can drive better ways

of working.  


Accountants and the communications challenge

Good communication skills are at the heart of accountancy, yet how many times a week do you hear the words: ‘I

didn’t get your email’?

Digital receipt management
In recent years, the accounting profession has faced a full-on challenge to change the mindset of clients who want to

hang on to their old ways and haven’t been prepared to take on new digital tools.

Debt: Can we move forward from civil imprisonment?

Even today, many hundreds are jailed in England for the non-payment of council tax.

Optimizing the collection of B-to-B utility debt 

This article looks at how a utility provider’s approach to debt collection and account disconnection in the business-to-business (B-to-B) market impacts its financial performance.

Embracing soft skills
Cultivating soft skills can help financial services firms overcome internal and external challenges to win in today's changing market.


Tax and the Benefits of Leasing 
Leasing makes accessing the latest IT equipment simple and affordable, allowing businesses to retain their cash flow for other business needs.

Emerging markets hotspots

If you’re looking to expand in overseas markets this year, where should you be looking? The latest Atradius’ Promising Emerging Markets Report reveals five potential hot spots for international trade that you could be overlooking.

Decision making - which facts matter most?
Every business owner is faced with countless decisions that require sound judgement as well as a clear head.


Custom Apps

As the accounting profession prepares for the coming decade, there’s a confident realization that clients are demanding more and technology can drive better ways of working.

The Transformation Challenge of the Invoice Process Exception 

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

The rise of The learning experience platform 

Over-reliance on learning management systems has not helped the corporate L&D manager.  The good news is that change is coming.

The connected accountant

The 'connected accountant' is defined as an individual who can deliver an increased level of responsiveness, client service and efficiency to meet the demands of this increasingly connected, always on, faster moving and more competitive marketplace.

Intensifying Global Regulatory Reporting Demands are Prompting a Major Data Rethink Among Financial Firms

New research shows that after years of ‘making do’, financial institutions are now proactively ramping up their regulatory compliance capabilities.


Hitting Your Contract Management Goal

Managing business contracts should be straightforward in today’s digital age, but many CFOs are still hobbled by cumbersome processes that can impact businesses.

Crossing the digital bridge

According to a report by the independent research firm Forrester, 2019 will be the year that aspirations for digital transformation translate into “pragmatic” actions – here are the top-line implications for the accountant in practice.

How the digital world is reinventing Client Relationships

Digitisation is driving unprecedented change and it is changing the rules of client engagement with relationships being built in a

very different way.  

Payroll trends 2019

That technology is changing the face of HR is an unarguable fact.  But when it comes to hot tech trends, there is a tendency to focus on buzzwords rather than reality, as the author of this article explains. 

State of mobile report 2019

The trend toward mobile is set to have massive ramifications for every industry.

State of Social Annual Report 2019

The State of Social is an annual report that focuses on the world of social media marketing to provide businesses with the insights

needed to fuel their strategies for the year ahead. 

The Positive Impact Of Graph Technology

Graph technology has come a long way – from powering investigative journalism in the Panama and Paradise papers to helping in

the search for a cure to cancer, even helping speed up our exploration of deep space.

Friction-free digital finance

A drought of financial resources and poor cash flow can seriously threaten the survival of any business.

The invoice process exception​

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

The growing threat of information sharing beyond detect and respond

There has been considerable talk in recent years about the importance of cybersecurity information sharing.  By exchanging cyber threat information within a sharing community, organizations can leverage the collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities of that sharing community to gain a more complete understanding of the threats the organization may face.

Adopting Encryption  – five top tips for SMEs

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business, you have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to protecting your

confidential data.  

Finance Management Apps for Banking’s New Generation

the advent of open banking has prompted new market entrants, offering money management apps that put customers in control,

and how this competitive threat has given traditional banks the impetus to develop their own solutions.

Building customer trust – cybersecurity in CSR programmes

How companies can build customer trust by improving cybersecurity procedures and strengthening communications around cyber

risk management, protection and preparedness.

The digital courtroom

The legal sector is famous for its fondness of paper.  For centuries, court cases have been conducted with reference to extensive

bundles of documents for every case.

Artificial Intelligence in Debt Collection

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all parts of our business and private lives.  The debt collection sector is no exception.

Self-encryption deception

In recent years, protection of sensitive data has received increased attention.

How to Become a resilient IT organisation

As reliance on technology has increased, so has the expectation that it will always be available when we need it to run our businesses, homes and lives.

The human impact of automation and AI 

Today, many people are talking about AI and just about every new product that gets launched seems to have an AI element to it.  However, at the same time there is much fear surrounding the impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have.

CloudClient – Origins of a zero trust network deployment for UK government

Whilst the concept of Zero Trust (ZT) networks is gaining broad popularity and acclaim, elements of the approach have been quietly adopted and applied within some sensitive government IT environments. 

A New Breed of Data Centre

If organizations are not able to recognize that data centres are a long way from being a commodity, then, simply, their ability to operate competitively on a global scale could be significantly compromised.

Improving network visibility

There are many questions that organisations ask themselves when looking at network visibility. These include questions like, what is a visibility strategy, and when should organisations start developing a visibility strategy?

Statement audit has a bright new future – will it power your bottom line? 

Technology and innovation are advancing at breakneck speed with unprecedented computing power to transform the audit.

How Does Digital Transformation Work for SMEs?  

Becoming a truly digital enterprise changes everything, from how an organization develops new products and services to how it interacts with customers.  

The need for effective third-party risk management in financial services

In the last few years we have seen the frequency and severity of third-party cyberattacks against global financial institutions continue to increase.

Employee engagement
Our understanding of what makes employees tick has come on in massive strides over the last decade.
Is ECM Really Past Its Sell By Date?

Last year Gartner slapped an ‘obsolete’ sticker on ECM and introduced the term ‘content services’.  One year on,

Nuxeo’s Director of Product Marketing,David Jones, looks at how this decision has panned out. Is ECM Really Past Its

Sell By Date? 

Scene of the crime

In the fight against Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs), ranging from ransomware to malware and other destructive

attacks, enterprises need a heightened ability to detect, view and investigate using forensics.

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