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Popularity of Podcasts

Podcasts present organizations with a great marketing opportunity.

Defeating business disruption

Nearly every organization is dependent on some form of technology and connectivity, and in a time of crisis, the term ‘IT resilience’ is directly intertwined with the resilience of the business.


Powering staff for remote working

The technology industry has been the enabler of remote working in some way, shape, or form for some time, whether it is required due to personal appointments, childcare or work life balance.

Collections and Covid-19

The tumultuous change – in health, job security and, consequently, personal finances – caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to shape the strategies of collections and recoveries for years to come.

Remote working and Covid-19

It is fair to say that every person, family and business on the planet has been affected, to varying extents, by the COVID-19 outbreak.


Furloughed workers and what it means for business 

The coronavirus has changed the world and some companies are finding that they are unable to operate or they have no work for staff to do during the pandemic.


Coronavirus and employment

The increasing severity of the coronavirus outbreak has moved beyond just a risk to health, as it begins to impact stock markets around the world and the way businesses undertake their commercial activities.


Connecting the global financial markets

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe,” said John Muir,

Scottish-American Naturalist and Author (1838-1914), and this is particularly true for the global financial markets.


Calm. Care. Communicate - Now  it's time to be the trusted advisor

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, it would be all too easy to see only the negative in what is happening.


Coronavirus and contractual obligations

The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an exceptional event that’s becoming an increasing public and workplace priority.  In this article the authors offer essential legal and practical advice for businesses concerned about Coronavirus.

Harnessing the power of AI

For buyers looking to unlock this cash and put it to work, there are many different tools and strategies available

Workflow optimization

Optimization technology – which offers quantifiable SLAs and targets for core business processes – is still very much the preserve of the front office.

State of mobile 2020
The annual appraisal of mobile by leading mobile data and analytics company App Annie provides insight into mobile’s expansive impact across industries and the global economy.
Integrity in business

As businesses face evolving challenges, insight, integrity, courage, and agility become dramatically more important.  In particularly, integrity must start at the helm before it can percolate down through the deepest layers and become the heart and soul of the company’s culture.

Utility debt and regulations

Ofgem2 and Ofwat3 have been strengthening their regulatory frameworks to place more emphasis on a utility provider’s financial performance and financial resilience.

Spotting money laundering links

Money laundering is on the rise. The faster you can pinpoint questionable behaviours, the faster you can tackle the issue. 


Megatrends for 2020
Trends affecting the accounting profession continue, and as clients demand more, technology can drive better ways

of working.  


Accountants and the communications challenge

Good communication skills are at the heart of accountancy, yet how many times a week do you hear the words: ‘I

didn’t get your email’?

Digital receipt management
In recent years, the accounting profession has faced a full-on challenge to change the mindset of clients who want to

hang on to their old ways and haven’t been prepared to take on new digital tools.

Debt: Can we move forward from civil imprisonment?

Even today, many hundreds are jailed in England for the non-payment of council tax.

Optimizing the collection of B-to-B utility debt 

This article looks at how a utility provider’s approach to debt collection and account disconnection in the business-to-business (B-to-B) market impacts its financial performance.

Embracing soft skills
Cultivating soft skills can help financial services firms overcome internal and external challenges to win in today's changing market.


Tax and the Benefits of Leasing 
Leasing makes accessing the latest IT equipment simple and affordable, allowing businesses to retain their cash flow for other business needs.

Emerging markets hotspots

If you’re looking to expand in overseas markets this year, where should you be looking? The latest Atradius’ Promising Emerging Markets Report reveals five potential hot spots for international trade that you could be overlooking.

Decision making - which facts matter most?
Every business owner is faced with countless decisions that require sound judgement as well as a clear head.


Custom Apps

As the accounting profession prepares for the coming decade, there’s a confident realization that clients are demanding more and technology can drive better ways of working.

The Transformation Challenge of the Invoice Process Exception 

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

The rise of The learning experience platform 

Over-reliance on learning management systems has not helped the corporate L&D manager.  The good news is that change is coming.

The connected accountant

The 'connected accountant' is defined as an individual who can deliver an increased level of responsiveness, client service and efficiency to meet the demands of this increasingly connected, always on, faster moving and more competitive marketplace.

Intensifying Global Regulatory Reporting Demands are Prompting a Major Data Rethink Among Financial Firms

New research shows that after years of ‘making do’, financial institutions are now proactively ramping up their regulatory compliance capabilities.


Hitting Your Contract Management Goal

Managing business contracts should be straightforward in today’s digital age, but many CFOs are still hobbled by cumbersome processes that can impact businesses.

Crossing the digital bridge

According to a report by the independent research firm Forrester, 2019 will be the year that aspirations for digital transformation translate into “pragmatic” actions – here are the top-line implications for the accountant in practice.

How the digital world is reinventing Client Relationships

Digitisation is driving unprecedented change and it is changing the rules of client engagement with relationships being built in a

very different way.  

Payroll trends 2019

That technology is changing the face of HR is an unarguable fact.  But when it comes to hot tech trends, there is a tendency to focus on buzzwords rather than reality, as the author of this article explains. 

State of mobile report 2019

The trend toward mobile is set to have massive ramifications for every industry.

State of Social Annual Report 2019

The State of Social is an annual report that focuses on the world of social media marketing to provide businesses with the insights

needed to fuel their strategies for the year ahead. 

The Positive Impact Of Graph Technology

Graph technology has come a long way – from powering investigative journalism in the Panama and Paradise papers to helping in

the search for a cure to cancer, even helping speed up our exploration of deep space.

Friction-free digital finance

A drought of financial resources and poor cash flow can seriously threaten the survival of any business.

The invoice process exception​

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

The growing threat of information sharing beyond detect and respond

There has been considerable talk in recent years about the importance of cybersecurity information sharing.  By exchanging cyber threat information within a sharing community, organizations can leverage the collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities of that sharing community to gain a more complete understanding of the threats the organization may face.

Adopting Encryption  – five top tips for SMEs

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business, you have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to protecting your

confidential data.  

Finance Management Apps for Banking’s New Generation

the advent of open banking has prompted new market entrants, offering money management apps that put customers in control,

and how this competitive threat has given traditional banks the impetus to develop their own solutions.

Building customer trust – cybersecurity in CSR programmes

How companies can build customer trust by improving cybersecurity procedures and strengthening communications around cyber

risk management, protection and preparedness.

The digital courtroom

The legal sector is famous for its fondness of paper.  For centuries, court cases have been conducted with reference to extensive

bundles of documents for every case.

Artificial Intelligence in Debt Collection

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all parts of our business and private lives.  The debt collection sector is no exception.

Self-encryption deception

In recent years, protection of sensitive data has received increased attention.

How to Become a resilient IT organisation

As reliance on technology has increased, so has the expectation that it will always be available when we need it to run our businesses, homes and lives.

The human impact of automation and AI 

Today, many people are talking about AI and just about every new product that gets launched seems to have an AI element to it.  However, at the same time there is much fear surrounding the impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have.

CloudClient – Origins of a zero trust network deployment for UK government

Whilst the concept of Zero Trust (ZT) networks is gaining broad popularity and acclaim, elements of the approach have been quietly adopted and applied within some sensitive government IT environments. 

A New Breed of Data Centre

If organizations are not able to recognize that data centres are a long way from being a commodity, then, simply, their ability to operate competitively on a global scale could be significantly compromised.

Improving network visibility

There are many questions that organisations ask themselves when looking at network visibility. These include questions like, what is a visibility strategy, and when should organisations start developing a visibility strategy?

Statement audit has a bright new future – will it power your bottom line? 

Technology and innovation are advancing at breakneck speed with unprecedented computing power to transform the audit.

How Does Digital Transformation Work for SMEs?  

Becoming a truly digital enterprise changes everything, from how an organization develops new products and services to how it interacts with customers.  

The need for effective third-party risk management in financial services

In the last few years we have seen the frequency and severity of third-party cyberattacks against global financial institutions continue to increase.

Employee engagement
Our understanding of what makes employees tick has come on in massive strides over the last decade.
Is ECM Really Past Its Sell By Date?

Last year Gartner slapped an ‘obsolete’ sticker on ECM and introduced the term ‘content services’.  One year on,

Nuxeo’s Director of Product Marketing,David Jones, looks at how this decision has panned out. Is ECM Really Past Its

Sell By Date? 

Scene of the crime

In the fight against Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs), ranging from ransomware to malware and other destructive

attacks, enterprises need a heightened ability to detect, view and investigate using forensics.