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Volume 44, Numbers 3 & 4
Publication date: 30 October 20


















Debt falls out of favour with UK finance chiefs

Organizations in every sector face volatility and disruptions as inflationary pressures continue to business operations.   According to the latest Deloitte’s Q3 2023 CFO survey, finance leaders are continuing to focus on defensive balance sheet strategies with CFOs in the UK now citing bank borrowing as being more unattractive as a source of corporate financing than at any time since 2007.



Research Papers


Taking Credit Management Solutions to the Next Level

Martyn Brooke FCICM (Grad), Credit Management Specialist, Esker Northern Europe

When it comes to taking credit management solutions to the next level it’s important to listen to market needs, learn the lessons from processes of the past and build them into the technology solutions of the future.   In this article, the author looks back on his past experiences in credit management when it was manual processes ruling the day, before fast forwarding to today to discuss the work that Esker has been doing in developing its automated platforms to span the entire order-to-cash process – equipping finance departments with AI and RPA technology and helping them effectively manage compliance, gain full process visibility and reduce staff workload. 



Islamic Finance – Still at a Crossroads

Paul C Rowland, Senior Partner, Invictus Risk Solutions

Keen observers of the financial press may recall that there was a clarion announcement at the World Economic Islamic Forum way back on 29 October 2013 by the then UK’s Prime Minister, the Right Honourable David Cameron, when he stated that the UK was to become the first country outside of the Islamic nations to issue and launch an Islamic Gilt (a Sovereign Sukuk) to create a store of capital liquidity.  Since then, much has happened in the market. 



Datasheet: Supercharge Supply Chain Finance with Taulia


When you choose Taulia Payables for supply chain finance (SCF) programs, organizations find they are partnering with the market leader in working capital management – one that touches customer operations in 165 countries, has more than 3 million companies on its network, and processes hundreds of billions of dollars in spend annually.   It is just a few of the reasons why the world’s largest software provider, SAP acquired Taulia in 2022.


How to Improve The Bottom Line with Mandated Spending

Keith Hausmann, Chief Customer Officer, Globality

In the face of continuing economic uncertainty and a recession threat, every company is hyper-focused on cost management and financial performance.  Whatever any possible downturn may bring, what is clear is that the CFO is on the hook to deliver a solution with many now looking to deliver real cost savings through strategic procurement mandates and autonomous sourcing technology.



GDPR – The Benchmark for a Global Privacy Framework

Alasdair Anderson, Vice President EMEA, Protegrity

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set the precedent for privacy and data laws around the world with 71% of countries now having data protection regulations in place and a further 9% with legislation in development.  But as we reflect on the fifth anniversary of GDPR’s introduction, the complexity, volatility and diverse requirements of the regulation continue to add a challenge to the international data flows driving growth and innovation globally.  But what is next for GDPR and wider international regulations?



Case Study: Meitav Dash, a leading investment firm, speeds application response times up to 300% with InfiniBox®


Meitav Dash has decades of experience and is one of the largest and leading investment houses in Israel.  Both employees and customers of Meitav Dash needed faster response times from their systems. Clients depend on application results to drive their investment decisions. Faster results mean faster decisions, and faster decisions mean new market opportunities. Waiting on the phone or on the web for answers stifles both the firm’s and its client’s competitive advantage.


Cyber Insurance and Loss Prevention

James (Jim) Doggett, Chief Information Security Officer, Semperis

In a world where cyber threats are varied (and constantly changing), cyber insurance can protect organizations from losses due to security incidents. As well as minimizing business disruption and providing financial protection during an incident, cyber insurance may help with any legal and regulatory actions after an incident. But with organizations struggling with the escalating cost of cyber insurance, now is the time for every business to demonstrate a strong posture when it comes Identity Threat Detection and Response.



Book Reviews


The Positive Leader – How energy and happiness fuel top-performing teams

Authors: Jan Mühlfeit and Melina Costi


Leading Beyond the Ego – How to Become a Transpersonal Leader

Authors: John Knights, Danielle Grant and Greg Young

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