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Social media becomes big recruitment tool at Prism

“As a growing employer of Millennials here in the North West, we here at Prism Solutions realise we must not only aggressively recruit this new generation of employees but use some creativity as well. It’s our goal to become known as a “destination employer” for these new recruits,” says Gary David Smith, CEO and Co-founder, Prism Solutions ( “That’s why we have enlisted our employees to recruit their own team mates and potential employees via social media in advance of our Prism Solutions Recruitment Day, set for regular evenings over the course of the year.”
Using this approach not only puts Prism in direct touch with its intended audience, it also allows its employees to pitch the company to their peers in a more informal setting.  The opportunity to have an ongoing discussion about what Prism does and can offer also makes it advantageous. Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000, comprise one-fourth of the U.K.’s population of 65 million and are expected to reach 17 million by 2019. They are becoming an increasing sought-after segment of the workforce, especially in the tech sector.  Prism employees’ average age is 28.
“Today’s university graduates haven’t known a world without social media they grew up with this stuff.  So they are “tuned in” enough to be able to choose where and when they want to work, instead of mailing out CVs and awaiting offers.  They have personal and professional networks already and can work on expanding both in tandem and independently. By tapping into that we ensure we maximize our reach,” says Smith. “That’s another reason we have opted to use a social approach for our recruitment efforts. It shows that we don’t just implement tech, we understand how it fits into people’s daily lives.  Our new premises can be seen first-hand as part of our recruitment event showing we are a different kind of company.”
The new building includes 10,000 square feet of office space with a dedicated training facility for MSP World; tablet-controlled audio- visual, lighting and climate; dedicated high-speed connectivity; and more computer screens than Manchester Airport. The phone system also allows both voice and data to follow employees around the building itself, in addition to the car park, business park and elsewhere, further comms tools add to the ability to “do the business” collaborating and sharing.
It also includes such intangibles as desk side organization, standing work stations, better lighting and just a better overall ambience. “Our wellbeing strategy is also at the heart of the recruitment drive and forms a great talking point between our team and their network.  So as we take to social media to begin growing our workforce and become a “destination employer” for Millennials, our employees will have plenty to pitch their peers as they convince them to come work for us,” concluded Smith.

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