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Yubico on Nasdaq

Hardware authentication security keys leader, Yubico ( announces that it is now publicly traded under the ticker symbol YUBICO on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.

“Today marks an exciting milestone for Yubico and our global customers and partners,” says Mattias Danielsson, CEO, Yubico.  “We have been a pioneer of modern, hardware-based authentication, leading and setting cybersecurity standards over the past 16 years.  As a publicly traded company, we look forward to building upon this in the next stage of growth, creating even more value for our customers and shareholders, and inviting others to join our journey.”

Yubico announced its intent to go public on 19th April 2023, through a merger with Swedish holding company, ACQ Bure that has allowed Yubico to increase its resources globally, ensuring more organizations and consumers can be protected against a fast-growing array of cyber threats including AI-powered phishing schemes and ransomware attacks.  These attacks not only result in billions of dollars in yearly losses for businesses but threaten the safe operation of critical infrastructure and services, from government agencies to financial institutions, factories, healthcare, and human rights organizations.

Yubico’s unique solutions enable organizations to address the source of 90% of cyberattacks: phishing and stolen login credentials.  Its flagship YubiKey series provides phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), based on modern authentication protocols, including FIDO2 passwordless (passkeys) and smart card PIV support.  The physical security keys work seamlessly with an organization’s legacy and/or modern infrastructure regardless of where they are on their authentication journey.

“We are proud and humbled to have built and established a global gold standard for strong authentication, and being publicly traded ensures our technology will be able to better protect millions of individuals around the world,” says Stina Ehrensvärd, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Yubico.  “This path allows Yubico to continue innovating and investing in our technology in order to meet growing demand for strong and frictionless authentication.”

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