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Yubico comments on online safety

As the battle to stay safe online continues, we ask Marissa Nishimoto, Manager of Product Security, Yubico (, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys for some key tips which both organizations and individuals will need the cybersecurity measures they adopt are to be successful.

“When it comes to staying safe online, the most critical thing people should do is ensure they are using strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) everywhere they can.  In a close second, they should review their password practices by making sure they’re not using the same password across all of their accounts and use their password manager to rotate any weak or exposed passwords.”

“We all know that good cybersecurity practices are important, but it can be hard to know where to start.  Between email, financial services, business accounts and social media we all have a lot of information that needs to be secured – which is why it is so important to stop account takeovers in their tracks.  For instance, by checking all frequently used accounts to enable the strongest MFA available using solutions such as a YubiKey (the gold standard for phishing-resistant MFA and works across hundreds of applications and services, providing strong security across multiple accounts).”

“Putting proper cybersecurity measures in place for organizations or individuals is more important than ever as we continue to see an increase in cyberattacks.  While we always recommend the use of MFA such as the YubiKey ( whenever possible, pairing with proper security practices such as using a password manager, checking social media accounts and reviewing app permissions will go a long way towards ensuring online accounts are safe.”

More about Yubico's cyber hygiene resources can be found at

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