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What's social doing with your data?
Social media companies have developed an increasingly bad reputation for how they handle the personal data of their users.  But with privacy policies on social media  platforms being so notoriously hard and labour-intensive to read, it makes it difficult  for users to quickly find out about themselves.

So what are some of the World’s biggest social media companies are actually doing with everyone’s data, asks
Rightly in its blog “Why is everyone talking about Netflix's 'The Social Dilemma'?”.

We have become accustomed to requests about our data when we visit websites, and being asked to click ‘accept’, or ‘adjust’ or ‘deny’ on pop-up privacy settings. However, in an age of micro-targeting and widespread political misinformation, we  need to understand how our data is being used before we click ‘accept’, know  where it is being stored, and how to get it back, says Tom Andrews, founder and CEO of
Rightly in his article “Social Media and Data: How are Social Media Companies Collecting and Using Your Personal and Corporate Data?”.
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