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TPP comments on hedge funds

With the hedge fund industry facing significant challenges and “trend-following” strategies enduring a tough year, we ask Lane Clark, co-founder of The Portfolio Platform (TPP) ( whether hedge funds are losing their edge.

“In a world where technology and quantitative funds have been in the spotlight.  In 2022, quantitative funds justified their existence, but in 2023, they have been hit hard, as they struggle against violent price swings leaving investors questioning the reliability of algorithm-driven strategies.  For example, commodity trading advisors, including Leda Braga's Systematica and Lynx Asset Management, have posted year-to-date losses of nearly 10%. Others have faced similar challenges, highlighting the need for clear and persistent market trends to profit.”

“At TPP we stand as a beacon of trust at the forefront of restoring trust in human trading expertise.   Our TPP platform prides itself on showcasing strategies exclusively curated by human experts, rejecting the notion of fully automated systems.  Over the past three years, TPP has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach, with an average annual return of over 30% since inception.”

“Trading is about averages, and not being right all the time.   Experience teaches us that losers are fine.  Just keep doing what you believe in, and if you're good at it, you will make money.  Traders who understand trading psychology will aim to make money consistently.”

"As of the end of Q2 2023, TPP reports an average positive return of 13.3% across all showcased strategies, underlining its commitment to democratizing investment opportunities for individuals.  “TPP’s competitive edge lies in its ability to adapt to market movements, making strategic portfolio tweaks that often result in additional gains. The platform offers a range of strategies and techniques, all designed to outperform market benchmarks."

"In the world of investment, it's time for change.  No more exposure to underperforming funds.  More exposure to a game-changing platform.  Welcome to the future of investing.”

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