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Taulia updates payments planner

Working capital management solutions provider, Taulia ( announces significant updates to its Payables Scenario Planner to give customers better visibility into liquidity and how their working capital position could change over time.

To give Taulia customers more contextually-grounded information and help strengthen supply chains during periods of economic instability, the new update incorporates a variety of additional macroeconomic indicators to track various vectors across the globe, including inflation, GDP, and ease of doing business.  

“This is a significant product upgrade and demonstrates our continued commitment to providing our customers with greater visibility and deeper insights,” says Danielle Weinblatt, Chief Product Officer, Taulia.  “Through these updates we want to ensure we can provide our customers with the technology to empower them to respond to the needs of their customers and suppliers.  We believe these solutions will have an immediate impact on how businesses can navigate the current inflationary environment.” 
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