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Smart data inventory solution

Legal software experts, Exterro Inc ( launches its new Smart Data Inventory solution, Exterro Smart Data Inventory, to help organizations build, monitor and maintain a defensible privacy program based on a single intelligent and dynamic data inventory across record types, assets, third-parties, and processing activities.  
“A company’s ability to meet their compliance obligations is directly impacted by their ability to understand what information they have, where it lives, how it’s being processed and how long they keep it – whether that’s CPRA, GDPR, PIPL, or any other privacy regulation.  Without an intelligent and automated approach to building a comprehensive data inventory, this makes an already difficult and time-consuming process all the more challenging,” says Ray Pathak, Vice President of Privacy, Exterro.

Some of the key benefits that Exterro Smart Data Inventory provides to customers includes accelerated compliance, increase in productivity and efficiency, and improved accuracy and collaboration.

Conducting a comprehensive data inventory is the first, and most important step in building a defensible privacy and data governance program.  It’s also the most time consuming and costly stage that when done manually, can take months to complete, is rendered inaccurate or already out of date by the time it is completed, and can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Therefore, the ability to speed up the process is paramount.

“The Exterro Smart Data Inventory capability is the industry’s first truly integrated solution to seamlessly bring together deep privacy intelligence, process orchestration, advanced artificial intelligence (AI), and data governance best practices in a single platform to eliminate many of the headaches that come with having to manually build and maintain a data inventory,” comments Pathak.

Many organizations struggle to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory which is required to comply with a complex global regulatory environment.  To establish an effective data privacy and governance program, organizations must be able to quickly attain a real-time picture of the data that exists within their internal environment as well as cross border data transfers.  Exterro Smart Data Inventory speeds the time to compliance by reducing the time to record processing activities, eliminating redundant questions, automatically detecting high risk processing by regulation, and integrating data discovery technology. 
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