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SER drives app development

Leading provider of intelligent content automation solutions, SER ( announces a new release of Doxis Business Studio, a user-friendly, no-code content app environment that empowers business users to become citizen developers, thereby enabling a faster time-to-value, lower costs and reduced IT bottlenecks.

“Today’s organizations need to complete digital transformation measures in a matter of months, not years.  Your average business user understandably doesn’t have the technical know-how or time to create new apps,” explains Douglas Cardoso, Vice President of Products, SER.  “That’s why we’ve enhanced the Doxis Business Studio to give them full autonomy to bootstrap apps that meet their use case needs. Information flows seamlessly between the apps, as anything created in the Doxis Business Studio can simply plug into other Doxis solutions.”

The new version of the web-based, no-code Doxis Business Studio, which debuted in 2022 offers a growing library of Doxis Fast Starters (, which are pre-configured and easily customizable templates for departments (for example, sales, purchasing, service, legal) and across all industries (such as real estate and insurance).

Information residing in Doxis Fast Starters is connected and shared across the enterprise thanks to a common metadata layer.  The smart apps include intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, workflows, reminders, and further helpful features that can be customized to user groups and roles.

Dr. John Bates, CEO of SER, says: “The Doxis Business Studio and Fast Starters are win-win tools: Business leaders benefit from greater operational efficiency and productivity across their organizations, while business users can develop apps that more effectively address the pain points and needs of stakeholders,” adds Dr. John Bates, CEO, SER.

Over the course of 2022, SER reported a record 400% growth in subscriptions.  This dramatic rise coincided with many enhancements over the past year in SER’s public and private cloud offerings, for example, built-in managed services, advanced monitoring, on-demand technology expertise, in addition to exclusive first access to the latest innovations for Doxis ICA subscribers.

“Our dramatic increase in subscriptions last year really shows us how much customers value Doxis ICA.  The platform and its cloud solutions for quick implementation, maximum flexibility and rapid ROI are helping customers to solve their business challenges faster and more efficiently,” comments Bates.
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