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Repstor transforms Fawcetts
UK200 Group peer Armstrong Watson gave Repstor ( for Accounting a rave review, inspiring chartered accountants, Fawcetts ( to look beyond its immediate priority to improve email and document management using Outlook and SharePoint, to a roadmap for broader improvements harnessing Microsoft 365.

“Like many businesses, the pandemic has increased our digital transformation plans, but despite there being lots of document management solutions out there, we couldn’t find anything that would allow us to retain our existing filing structures and retain control of our own data,” says James Hayes, Partner, Fawcetts.

That was until a peer firm recommended Repstor, which provides comprehensive content management capabilities – optimised for accounting firms – on top of Microsoft 365.

As chair of the Technology & Innovation forum at the UK200 Group of practicing chartered accountants, Hayes sought advice from the network about a suitable and modern DMS, when Toby Woodhead, Head of Technology at another accounting firm, Armstrong Watson, suggested Repstor based on his own recent experience.

Armstrong Watson deployed the Repstor for Accounting suite during the pandemic, and its reported benefits are already legendary in accounting circles.

“Everyone has heard what they’ve done,” says Hayes. “We had a lengthy and fascinating chat and I was left in no doubt that this was the way we needed to go.  We already knew what we wanted but having this ringing endorsement from a firm that we know and trust, confirmed our choice of Repstor.”

“The fact that it works with Outlook is the icing on the cake.  The team won’t have to change the interface they use, or the way they file documents, but seamlessly everything will be stored in and accessed via SharePoint,” continues Hayes.

“This is a massive opportunity to improve efficiency with very little change to the way people work.  Deploying Repstor will have an impact on profitability, improving the speed with which we can deliver, as we’ll be more organized with filing and accessing data.  Clients will feel the benefits of that too.”

Fawcetts has been inspired by the broader deployment of the Repstor for Accounting suite at Armstrong Watson and aspires to many of the same applications and benefits.
“We can see ourselves doing a lot of the same things that Armstrong Watson have done or plan to do – using Repstor for fuller client engagement management and to manage Teams, for instance.  Repstor gives us that roadmap, that power to revolutionize the way we work,” concludes Hayes.
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