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Record growth for Taulia

Market-leading working capital solutions provider Taulia ( has experienced spectacular growth following a number of high-profile achievements including accelerating $24 billion in early payments, expanding its network by over 5 million connections globally, and opening its first Asia Pacific office in Sydney, Australia.

This news follows another major milestone when Taulia achieved profitability under US GAAP.   “Many VC-backed companies never reach profitability, says Rene Ho, Taulia’s CFO.  “Now profitable as well as debt free, Taulia is well capitalized to support our customers and to continue to innovate.”

“We believe a winning mindset is key to success, and this is something that Taulia and our clients continue to demonstrate,” added Cedric Bru, CEO of Taulia.  “This year we will be looking to build on our considerable achievements over the last year and support our customers in freeing up the cash trapped in supply chains globally.”

Taulia’s success is underpinned by the company’s continuing commitment to technological innovation.  Using a new AI-powered buyer user interface, customers can access the insights needed to make on-the-spot, real-time decisions, and thereby optimize discount rates and payment terms.

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