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Power to the Customer


“Creativity is being overlooked by companies in their search for talent” warnsBen Wood, Executive Creative Director at strategic brand, marketing and digital experts CAB Studios ( It is a fact borne out in CAB Studios latest whitepaper ‘Power to the Customer’ ( which takes a broader look at how brands are consistently failing to understand the evolving relationship they have with their target audiences, as well as throwing a spotlight on those who have succeeded at delivering winning customer experience.


“Ultimately great people are the ones that create memorable and engaging customer experiences, so businesses that take a narrow approach to recruitment will fall behind in the increasingly competitive customer age,” said Wood.  “Of course, education and training are important, but creativity isn’t bestowed on someone based on qualifications.  For instance, at CAB Studios we know that recruiting from a diverse talent pool has benefitted us hugely; we have people on our team who run their own businesses, or have come from management positions in retail – the important thing is shared values and ways of thinking that deliver something unique to our clients.”


With customers now driving innovation in products and services, brands need to understand the link between delivering best in class digital, physical and emotional experiences with securing the best possible talent within the business if they are to keep pace and evolve into the customer age.

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