Onboarding checklist

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development estimates 22% of new recruits leave companies within the first six months.  For the ones that stay, it takes at least that much time for a structured, effective onboarding process to turn them from nervous newbie to top-performing team player.

But according to research from Havard Business Review, only a quarter of organisations believe they have such an effective onboarding programme, while 22% have no formal programme whatsoever.

To help companies develop their onboarding processes, HR and payroll software specialists, XCD (
www.peoplexcd.com) has created a checklist (https://go.peoplexcd.com/employee-onboarding-checklist).

“Onboarding sets the tone for everything a person will achieve as part of your team,” says XCD.  “Crucially, it speeds their transition from a cost, to a value-driving team member as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.”

But integrating a new hire is a tricky thing to standardize.  “Line managers have plenty of other things to worry about and it’s easy for new starters to slide to the bottom of their list” warns XCD.