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New cybersecrity committee at Esker

A new cybersecurity committee to provide a bridge between Esker’s ( Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Esker’s Supervisory Board will be headed by Steve Vandenberg, a Global Black Belt with Microsoft’s Security Solutions Area, and Nicole Pelletier-Perez, a long-time IT professional.  The mission of the committee will be to report on the work of Esker’s Security team as well as familiarizing Board members with the cybersecurity landscape, assisting them in making informed decisions.

“Taking into account the considerable damage a cyberattack can cause, not just for the company but for Esker’s customers as well, it is of utmost importance to implement safeguards in order to protect the data of all stakeholders.  Esker is, in fact, a pioneer in this arena by establishing a dedicated committee concerned with this issue.  The goal is not only to protect Esker’s customers, but also our customers’ customers,” says Ms. Pelletier-Perez.

“Dealing with cybersecurity risks and honouring the trust of our customers is critical to Esker’s success,” adds Steve Vandenberg, Committee Head.  “Cybersecurity is the foundation of the cloud and artificial intelligence solutions we build that enable our customers to efficiently manage their source-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles.  It is important that the Supervisory Board is informed and engaged in this rapidly changing environment.”

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