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MyFirmsApp launches reset pack

To mark Digital Accountancy Week MyFirmsApp ( launches a free ‘COVID-19 Autumn Reset Pack’ that features a range of editable e-guides which accountants can share digitally with their clients to help them deal with the challenges of running a business during these uncertain times.

The ‘COVID-19 Autumn Reset has been designed to save accounting firms time and focuses on delivering high level meaningful content to those who find their resources are stretched by the additional demands by clients as a result of the challenging economic situation.

Helpful and topical e-guides can be branded with the firm’s own logo and shared digitally so that clients always have relevant information at their fingertips.  They offer practical help on a range of subjects including ‘How to keep business development alive’, ‘How to create a digital bridge with colleagues, customers and prospects’, ‘How to reach peak mental fitness’ and a detailed COVID-19 guide to legislative updates with important information for the business community.

“The Autumn Reset Pack is part of our COVID-19 Support Programme to help the profession during these uncertain times,” says Dan Richards, Business Development Director, MyFirmsApp.

“As all firms are incredibly busy with huge demands placed on them by legislation, by clients and keeping up with the 24/7 news/content cycle, we realize that producing the sort of content that is aimed at helping clients see how to re-set their businesses can all too often fall to the bottom of the to-do list.”

“It takes just a matter of minutes to brand the pack with the firm’s own logo and to share it with clients.  The pack saves time and gives the firm the opportunity to share meaningful, insightful content that is often a struggle to produce in-house and to offer guidance through the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis.”

The pack can be downloaded from

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