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MyFirmsApp COVID-19 e-book

The world may be on pause and while the economic implications of the current lockdown are still very much in the early days, clients are turning to their accountants for the most up-to-date advice and information available.  This presents a challenge to accounting firms on how best to ensure colleagues and clients can access up-to-date and relevant information in a manageable way.

In an effort to support accountants, MyFirmsApp ( has produced a free COVID-19 editable e-book ( for accountants with curated content that can be used in-house or branded with the firm's own identity and shared with clients.

Providing high level statutory, financial and tax information to the profession lies at the heart of the MyFirmsApp business and it keeps the 1,200 Apps it has developed for Accounting firms continually updated on a daily basis.  During the development of its free COVID 19 support App for all Accountants, MyFirmsApp consolidated a great deal of this information and are now sharing it with accountants as an editable e-book to support firms and their clients.

Covering a wealth of information such as: Government briefings; detailed business updates; important employee information; Self-Employed Income Support Scheme; Government and NHS resources, as well as wellbeing hints and tips;  the MyFirmsApp COVID-19 editable e-book can be downloaded as an editable template from (

Firms can add their own branding to e-book and easily share it with their clients, saving the practice both time and money.

A worthy resource for all accounting firms.

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