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Mobile Fraud Growing Rapidly

According to recent research, fraudsters now perceive mobile payment channels to be particularly vulnerable (and therefore attractive targets) as many organisations have yet to apply the same levels of protection to mobile as they have to desktop transactions. “Digital security companies regard the mitigation of mobile fraud as a key revenue generator in the medium term,” claimed report author Gareth Owen. He argued that this was driving the development and implementation of advanced biometric authentication technologies which the companies claim can make mobile purchases as secure as any other web-based transactions.


The study, ‘Online Payment Fraud: Key Vertical Strategies and Management 2016-202', from Juniper Research, found that the leading solution vendors were now capable of reducing fraud levels down to less than 0.1% of transaction values in some key eCommerce verticals. The research Identifies Leading Fraud Detection & Prevention Players. As part of its research, Juniper conducted a comparative assessment of 12 solution vendors based on a range of criteria including technological innovation, fraud detection performance, product range and strength of partnerships.

The study identified the following companies as the leading 3 players in the FDP (Fraud Detection and Prevention): CyberSource, Experian, and FICO. The study argued that all three companies demonstrated significantly higher performance than their peers in their data analytics capability and their ability to monitor fraud across multiple payment channels (including mobile) and the use of global threat intelligence networks. A complimentary whitepaper, ’Managing the Risk of Fraud’, is available to download from the Juniper Research website together with further details of the full research and the attendant Interactive Forecast Excel (IFxl).

Juniper Research is acknowledged as the leading analyst house in the digital commerce and Fintech sector, delivering pioneering research into payments, banking and financial services for more than a decade.

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