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Life sciences companies rank RIM progress

Up to 60 of the top 150 life sciences organizations globally are expected to complete the latest regulatory information management (RIM) study, launched today by Gens & Associates, ProductLife Group’s strategic research partner.  This year the study, Pursuing World Class RIM: Strategy, Measures and Priorities, will offer participants an unprecedented chance to rank themselves against their peers for their progress in the field.
“Although a lot of companies are doing good work with RIM, no one is doing it really well yet,” says Steve Gens, founder of Gens & Associates. “So we wanted to define what world class RIM looks like and provide a way for companies to measure themselves against other, similar -sized organizations.”
The important global survey is the third in a series of RIM studies conducted by Gens & Associates in partnership with ProductLife Group (PLG), and the 30th study it has performed in the life sciences industry.
While Gens’ previous RIM studies have focused on the top 70 life sciences organizations, the 2016 survey is open to global 150 companies, in recognition that smaller yet fast-growing organizations are now also investing more heavily in RIM. Participants will span Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.
Commenting on the launch of the 2016 survey, Adam Sherlock, CEO at ProductLife Group, said, “We are delighted to be expanding the scope of the research this year, which we know commands great attention and interest across the life sciences sector.  This ongoing research series is an important barometer in a vital area for our customers, and our partnership with Gens & Associates for this work is of immeasurable value to those companies.

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