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Koch migrates to Brady cloud

Koch Supply & Trading is migrating its metals trading operations to Brady Cloud Services ( to increase efficiency, improve security and to give greater scalability in its use of technology.

“To thrive in today’s commodity trading markets, businesses like ours continually evaluate ways to increase efficiencies, improve security and reduce total cost of ownership of technology over the long term,” explains Kevin Brunton, CIO, Koch Supply & Trading.  “The cloud is one aspect of our strategy to achieve these aims.  Over the years the Brady team has consistently delivered high-quality services to our business.  Their solution continues to be central to our metals trading operations.  We look forward to working with them to realize the benefits of accessing the functionalities that we rely on daily over the cloud.”

“We are delighted to be embarking on this new project with Koch,” says Carmen Carey, CEO at Brady.  “We are seeing many of our customers expressing interest in migrating their existing on-premise Brady solution to a dedicated cloud environment.  By doing so, they can realize the benefits of greater scalability, higher security, and freeing up of internal resources to focus on value-added projects.  We offer a structured migration service to help ensure a swift transition of their existing Brady systems and data with minimum disruption to their day-to-day mission-critical activities.”

Koch, an indirect subsidiary of the global multinational, Koch Industries Inc. has been a long-standing customer of Brady’s for 20 years.   Koch has a diverse trading portfolio which includes metals (base and precious), crude oil, refined petroleum products, gas liquids, and LNG.  Brady’s financial commodity trading and risk management solution supports Koch’s entire financial trading lifecycle from trade entry to settlements.

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