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Knowledge is Power in Cyber attacks

As part of its commitment to improve the levels of understanding and professionalism in the face of a growing tide of cybercrime and attacks, the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) ( has launch a new Framework to expand on the established IISP Skills Framework. 
The Framework defines the knowledge that information security professionals need to do their jobs and gives access to an up-to-date and wide-ranging body of knowledge, including standards, papers and external reference works that underpin cyber and information security.
By combining the IISP Skills and Knowledge Frameworks information security professionals to have a consistent view of cyber and information security along with an established set of metrics. The Knowledge Framework can also be used for curriculum development, training plans and career paths, as organisations strive to improve their ability to defend against and respond to cyberattacks.
“With a continuously shifting and evolving threat landscape and the development new technologies, practices and legislation, it is virtually impossible for any individual or organisation to stay informed and up-to-date,” said John Hughes, co-chair of the IISP Accreditation Committee and lead author of the Knowledge Framework. “The IISP Knowledge Framework helps by providing easy access to core information as well as topical updates, linked to an in-depth body of knowledge to explore subjects in more detail.”
The Framework is currently available free of charge to IISP Members and will be made available to other organisations under licence.

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