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IPC launches Connexus Broadcast

Leading provider of secure, compliant communications and multi-cloud connectivity solutions for global financial markets, IPC ( is partnering with Newsquawk, the market-leading multi-asset audio market data service to launch Connexus® Broadcast and enable traders to access market-moving audio market data in real-time.

Integrated into IPC’s world class financial markets Connexus® Cloud, Connexus Broadcast leverages Newsquawk’s team of analysts that use proprietary smart search technology to monitor and report data and news from hundreds of mainstream and social media sources . These filtered audio market data feeds are readily available as a real-time stream to any of the over 7,000 financial market participants in IPC’s diverse global ecosystem. Connexus Broadcast is delivered via IPC’s Connexus Voice, a leading platform-agnostic voice trading ecosystem and available to over 200,000 professional traders.

“Internal technical and security restrictions on accessing social media and information platforms cause institutional traders to miss out on a huge volume of market-moving data since they must rely heavily on traditional – and expensive – financial news publishers,” says Bob Santella, CEO, IPC.  “Similarly, buy-side traders have usually been unable to access the quantity and quality of news available to institutional counterparts. By bringing together IPC’s industry-leading cloud technology with multi-asset, multi-source audio market data and analysis, delivered directly to the trading floor, Connexus Broadcast significantly enhances trading opportunities for the global trading community.”
“We are delighted to be partnering with IPC to bring our Newsquawk audio news directly and efficiently to trading desks,” adds Mehul Patel, CEO, Newsquawk.  “Connexus Broadcast provides real-time access to trading environments without the network security constraints associated typically with new technical feeds and, at the same time, adds significant value to a service that is already benefiting traders.”
The launch of  Connexus Broadcast will see institutional traders benefit from access to ‘instant’ audio news broadcasts capturing market intelligence from multiple sources, including social media feeds they might otherwise be restricted from accessing within internal infrastructures.  Delivered through an institution’s existing IPC connectivity, Connexus Broadcast provides users with immediate, cost-effective access to wide and deep market-moving news that goes beyond what is available from traditional news service providers.  

The new Connexus Broadcast service supports traders (real-time, customised and filtered news supporting position-taking), asset managers (continuous macroeconomic and geopolitical coverage informing investment decisions), brokers (better understanding of clients’ decision influencers and market-moving events) and risk and compliance teams (continuous, multi-asset data and analysis for position-keeping and P&L management).
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