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IOSCO seeks to protect senior investors

The report Senior Investor Vulnerability from the Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions ( examines the growing vulnerability of ageing investors to financial fraud, unsuitable investments and other risks, and identifies sound practices for enhancing their protection.


The report Senior Investor Vulnerability reveals that seniors are at a higher risk than other investors of losing money to fraud or of being misled by others. It also indicates that the biggest risks to senior investors are unsuitable investments, financial fraud and their diminished cognitive capability which affects their financial  decision-making. Ageing populations are a challenge to investor protection, as ageing and associated levels of physical and cognitive decline increasingly debilitate the capabilities of investors worldwide. Research indicates that age-induced cognitive decline is linked to impaired financial decision-making. Some research also correlates ageing with increased susceptibility to financial exploitation and fraud.


These vulnerabilities are growing just as many investors assume greater responsibility for their retirement and financial future. 

This report explores the views and experiences of IOSCO members, and provides a list and description of sound practices and includes a non-exhaustive bibliography of literature that may be helpful to regulators and others.

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