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Investment bank chooses Inforalgo

A US-based multinational investment bank has chosen Inforalgo’s (  flexible multi-trading platform integration and straight-through processing (STP) solution to provide end-to-end integration between its order and execution management systems, improving trading efficiency.

In particular, the bank’s institutional business will use Inforalgo’s flexible, cloud-hosted STP solution for trading activity relating to Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, US Agencies, US Treasuries, and Asset-based Securities and Structured Products.  It will publish offerings in real time from Bloomberg TOMS/Trader Work Sheets to TradeWeb Direct, with the ability to filter information by book and pricing level as needed.

The investment bank learnt about Inforalgo’s flexible STP solution from a global peer organization with a similar trading environment, which uses Inforalgo’s consolidated, multi-platform STP solution for its institutional and retail operations in the US and UK.  The advantage of Inforalgo’s approach is that with a pre-built library of adapters and connections, it can quickly connect, configure and exchange data between multiple end points, without requiring a series of separate connections.  Consolidation helps save operational cost and risk which enables greater agility.

Inforalgo was the clear forerunner as it offered a higher level of integration and customization compared to alternative solutions, and because Inforalgo is a specialist in Bloomberg integration.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our operations so that we can capitalize on every market opportunity, while remaining agile, competitive and in control of our costs – especially as regulatory demands intensify,” comments the bank’s Director of Risk & Regulatory Affairs for Fixed Income Capital Markets.  “Once we learned about Inforalgo’s cloud-based solution, we were excited at its potential.  Its flexible integration and portal-based access simultaneously address a number of practical challenges, while offering a means to contain and cut IT-related complexity and cost.”

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