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Innovus joins FICO partner program 


FICO and Innovus Consulting Services, an international consulting company for cybersecurity and digital transformation, have announced that Innovus has joined the FICO® Enterprise Security Score partner program (


Through the partnership, Innovus will incorporate the FICO® Enterprise Security Score into its portfolio of solutions and services, to help clients accurately assess the cybersecurity risk within their own organization and monitor the risk of their vendors.


“Our customers are embarking on a digital transformation journey, and it’s imperative that they know where they are in the process, what they need to do and who they are doing it with, especially in regard to cybersecurity,” said Lou Cirillo, Senior Partner, Innovus Consulting Services.


“The FICO Enterprise Security Score enables customers to get a sense of their current risk and benchmark their journey to accelerate risk mitigation and monitoring across the enterprise.”


“The industries where we are most active, including smart cities, mining, retail, health and government, will benefit from the empirical risk assessment and visibility that the FICO Enterprise Security Score provides,” says Cirillo.


“Executive leaders are looking for a trusted benchmark to help them quantify cybersecurity risk as well as measure the performance of their cybersecurity investments,”  said Doug Clare, vice president of cybersecurity solutions at FIC.


“Innovus Consulting Services’ capabilities in digital transformation — including penetration testing, security process and posture assessment, remediation and customer awareness — enable outcome-based solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. Our Enterprise Security Score complements these capabilities with an empirical, data-driven approach to ongoing cyber risk quantification.”

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