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Honeywell Safety Watch

To help drive safety and security and boost workforce efficiency, Honeywell ( is launching the new Honeywell Safety Watch.  Supporting continuous operational improvement, the Safety Watch gives organizations actionable information on their workers and assets to help meet the demands of modern industrial operations.

With real-time location data an integral part of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, the Honeywell Safety Watch leverages Leveraging Honeywell OneWireless™ infrastructure, to provide real-time information previously difficult to access due to disparate systems and manual processes.

Unlike the commercial-grade RTLS currently on the market, Honeywell’s Safety Watch is specifically designed for industrial operations to help reduce serious incidents, as well as responding to incidents that do occur more effectively. It can be employed for a wide range of uses, including mustering, search and rescue, automatic sign/out, access control, fatigue monitoring and calculating time on-site.

“Our new Safety Watch RTLS helps organizations improve compliance, productivity, security and the safety, reducing the risk of incidents, and if one should occur, enabling a quick and effective response,” says Nisha Lathif, safety solutions business director, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Providing relevant information and real-time data processing, Safety Watch is purpose-built for industrial settings.”
Real-time location data is an integral part of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, which combines the latest technologies and digital capabilities to tap into data anywhere and everywhere.  RTLS meets this need to help organizations achieve digital transformation through the industrial Internet of things.
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