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GridBuddy cloud launch

A new solution to improve Salesforce productivity and operational efficiency has been launched by Validity (  Called GridBuddy Cloud ( users can combine data from multiple sources – including separate Salesforce orgs – into one editable, spreadsheet-style view, providing a workspace designed for users to manage data quickly and accurately.

As Salesforce administrators know, the native Salesforce interface doesn’t offer an efficient end-user experience.  With the native interface, users working with data from multiple objects have to click from screen to screen as they search for the information they need to do their jobs, causing fatigue and a significant reduction in productivity.  

The problem is even worse for companies working out of multiple Salesforce orgs, as users bounce back and forth to log in and see related data.  When teams don’t have an efficient way to reference and update data, it quickly becomes out of date, and in some cases incomplete, fueling inaccurate data reports and a reduction in overall CRM return on investment (ROI).

Unlike the native Salesforce layout, GridBuddy Cloud’s grid-based interface integrates all the data teams need into one actionable view, increasing CRM adoption, improving data quality, and generating more reliable reports, resulting in more targeted and effective campaigns.

“We created GridBuddy Cloud so Salesforce admins can manage access and permissions to data across multiple orgs,” says Scott Ziegler, SVP, product management, at Validity.  “With GridBuddy Cloud, we’re giving our customers yet another way to streamline how they track their relationships with customers – in one place, with one view.  By incorporating GridBuddy Cloud into their systems, Salesforce users can work more efficiently to make sure their data is clean and correct so they can jump right into campaign mode without any delay – and ahead of the competition.”

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