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Gartner awards SER high scores

In Gartner’s 2021 Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms report, SER Group ( has been awarded the highest product scores in ‘Content and Process Automation’ (3.67 out of 5) and in ‘Business Role Hub Document Management’ (3.62 out of 5).

The use case ‘Content & Process Automation’, for which SER Group received the highest score, covers “core automatic document processing, including new account onboarding, loan processing, claims processing, underwriting and work order management.”

‘Business Role Hub Document Management’, for which SER also received the highest score, describes the “capability to integrate with line-of-business applications that are in common use across organizations. Examples include integration with sales, human resources and procurement.”
“The inclusion of these two use cases in the 2021 report we believe reflects how crucial it is for organizations today to have a 360° view of information and processes across all systems and applications.  The fact that we received the highest scores in these use cases shows, from our perspective, that our strategy of providing cutting-edge solution suites for Intelligent Content Automation is what our customers need most now and in the future,” says Dr. John Bates, CEO, SER.  
“We are delighted that Gartner has scored SER Group the highest in these two use cases,” adds Dr. Gregor Joeris, CTO, SER.  “With a broad set of business role hub connectors, an intelligent workflow engine that automatically triggers tasks and workflows across line-of-business applications, and top federation capabilities, we believe that Doxis4 offers out-of-the-box solutions for a unique mixture of new hybrid work use cases in addition to foundational document and process management use cases.”

The 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms is a companion report to the Magic Quadrant™ for Content Services Platforms, in which SER was named a Visionary.  It analyzes the products and services of 18 vendors in the market based on four use cases. In addition to the highest score in the Business Role Hub Document Management and Content & Process Automation Use Cases, SER scored the second highest in the Information Governance (3.88 out of 5) Use Case and sixth highest in Cloud Content Office Services (3.23 out of 5) Use Case.

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