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Esker partners with Helixr

To further drive the efficiency within finance teams, Esker (, the global cloud platform and leader in AI-driven process automation solutions for finance, procurement and customer service functions is partnering with business consultancy firm Helixr, to transform Source-to-Pay and Lead to Cash processes for businesses globally.

“The symbiotic partnership benefits mutually Helixr, as the trusted partner in providing the finance and tax solutions for the Life Sciences industry sector, and Esker, as the product specialist,” says Phani Sabnivisu, Executive Director for Finance and Tax Technologies, Helixr.  “The synergies of this partnership are huge, bringing significant benefits to our clients.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Helixr to further our presence in the Source-to-Pay arena,” adds Alistair Nicholas, Managing Director, Esker Northern Europe.  “Each Esker partner undergoes rigorous training to ensure full compliance.  We believe that a strategic partnership with Helixr is ideal for the evolving needs of our customers on a global scale, and together we will provide our shared customers with an integrated platform that eliminates inefficiencies.”

Esker’s Source-to-Pay suite ( helps Procurement and Finance leaders to meet their goals by streamlining procurement processes, enforcing policy compliance and improving supplier relationships with increased visibility over the whole buying process, allowing organizations greater control over the financial outcomes of the business.

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