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Email is time stealer for HR

According to HR and payroll specialises, XCD ( Email is now HR biggest time stealer.

In its latest infographic (, XCD examines how HR says what monopolises most of its time.  No surprise to find it is email.

In 2016, an Adobe study of 1,000 white-collar professionals estimated that people were spending an average of 4.1 hours checking email every day. That’s over 20 hours a week, 1,000 hours a year or, for those with a taste for the dramatic, 280 solid weeks of email checking, writing and sending over the course of a career.

Today, much of the workforce administration that HR professionals spend their lives performing is conducted through email.
The data for the XCD infographic was drawn from a recent study by People Today and CIPR, in which HR professionals estimated that almost a third of their time is spent reading, responding to and generally managing their emails.

The CIPD research quoted in the infographic reported that 32% of HR’s time was spent on email.  But that’s not all wasted time.  What the research didn’t tell, explains XCD, was how much of that time was spent on the valuable tasks, like advising line management on strategic issues, supporting employees, managing grievance.  These are imperative HR responsibilities for which email is perfectly suited.

But, it’s the unnecessary, time-stealing emails that XCD software aims to eradicate, such as among other things dealing with holiday and absence; managing training schedules and performance management processes, recruitment and onboarding; and most of all, answering queries by pointing the sender towards the resources they either didn’t know about or didn’t check for.

The infographic can be found at

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