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DM and the supply chain

Paperwork continues to challenge British businesses post-EU causing significant problems and adding costs for manufacturers and exporters of all sizes, says document management specialists, YourDMS (

In its latest blog ( explains that with many businesses now having to supply almost double the amount of paperwork, there has been a negative impact on time, costs, and resources.  Even with an efficient process in place, organizations still have to collate, verify, approve, file and print documents for every shipment.  Any errors in paperwork could result in delays at customs, damaging customer relationships and business reputation.

An increase in paperwork also means more physical space is needed to store it.  But by using a Document Management (DM) system ( helps businesses to take control and manage their documents providing a secure way to create, file, retrieve and share business-critical paperwork.

Using a document management all files are saved with metadata, and with various smart search functions to choose from (for example – reference number, order number, customer name, product type), documents can be found in seconds.  Whilst the version control feature within these systems ensure users are always working with the latest version of a file.  Permissions can be set, allowing users to access and edit selected documents only for increased security.  While audit trails are automatically generated to log every action performed by a user to a particular file, improving visibility and compliance.

When working with Customs Agents, files can be shared quickly and securely using a digital in-tray – particularly useful when agents are working remotely.  Once export documents have been approved during shipment and delivery, they can be ‘captured’ or scanned and filed into the Document Management system.  The original paper files no longer need to be retained and can be securely destroyed, freeing up valuable space.

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