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Cybersecurity critical to future

Innovation and collaboration top the agenda for Infosecurity Europe 2023 ( with its theme ‘Smarter, Safer, Stronger’ as security leaders come together to leverage talent and share knowledge to tackle the ever-growing list of cyber threats facing organizations.

“The industry has recognized, and is taking huge steps to prioritize consistent, transparent communication across the cybersecurity community,” says Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director, Infosecurity Group.  “We need to build an ecosystem for collective defence, and Infosecurity Europe allows us to bring like-minded security professionals together, with a willingness to learn from one another to become smarter, safer, and stronger.”

“Cybersecurity is not just about technology, it’s about people, process and strategy – working together to create a smarter, safer, and stronger digital world,” adds Barry Coatesworth, Director, Guidehouse.  “This starts with establishing visibility in organizations’ environments to gain a clear picture of the workforce and the technologies and processes in place to support and secure them.  Having this insight will enable better detection and response to threats, and ultimately, faster recovery.”

“But this is increasingly difficult when today’s cyberthreat landscape is continuously evolving and posing greater challenges to defenders, explains Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting.  “With businesses adopting new technologies, new ways of working, or engaging with third party vendors, the already stretched resources employed by defenders are coming under ever more strain.”

“Year-on-year the attack surface is growing, this creates greater opportunities for cyber criminals to be successful,” says Mark Nicholls, Head of Information Security, Risk & Compliance, Ramsay Health Care UK.  “The line between personal digital spaces and work digital spaces is so blurred now that a breach in any situation has larger consequences.  It is therefore imperative that the InfoSec community uses events like InfoSec Europe to come together to work Smarter, to leverage new technology that creates Stronger and Safer digital spaces.  Ultimately, humans can be the strongest line of defence against the cyber criminals, so for me, education and awareness remain a top priority too.”

“As the internet descends ever further towards cyber anarchy, with increased virtual looting and profit influenced mob rule, netizens and businesses are at risk like never before”, says Ian Hill, Director of Information & Cybersecurity, Upp Corporation.  “While politicians, legislators and regulators continue to procrastinate and revert more to victim bashing, it is down to the InfoSec industry and community to continue to evolve and confront the threat head on.”

This year’s Infosecurity Europe exhibition and conference will run from 20 to 22 June 2023, at ExCeL London.   The full conference programme will be available at

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