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Corona and being competitive

Latest statistics suggest the world’s economy could grow at its slowest rate since 2009 as a result of the pandemic.  As Europe’s largest regional airline Flybe goes into administration, citing Coronavirus as a contributing factor, airline analysts are predicting that this could be the start of more casualties.

“Counterparty credit risk has never been so vital as it is now,” says Brady plc (, a leading trading, risk and logistics software provider for global commodities markets.

“Any company that has a trading portfolio needs to readily see their exposure to countries and industries which are being affected by Coronavirus.  As well as, which counterparties that they have exposure with are going to be hit with supplier disruption that will weaken their financial status.”

Trading on spreadsheets or basic inhouse databases are no longer able to keep up with the rapidly changing world and the explosive unprecedented risks such as trade wars, global warming and terrorism.

“Proactive risk management with the use of intelligent alerting, can help in making these decisions faster, backed up by analysis that can simulate many different market scenarios,” explains the company.  “Brady’s credit risk solution ( easily integrates to any trading or finance system to manage credit risk across a diverse range of portfolios and products.”

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