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Wi-SUN Alliance grows


Wi-SUN Alliance (, the global member-based association driving the proliferation of interoperable wireless solutions for use in smart cities, smart utilities and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications, has seen membership grow by more than 60% in the last year.


President and CEO of Wi-SUN Alliance, Phil Beecher, comments: “Wi-SUN is the leading technology in large-scale outdoor networking and the most widely deployed IoT technology worldwide – and this is reflected in our growing member base.  Independent research from Rethink Technology provides further support for Wi-SUN’s growing momentum, estimating that companies in the Wi-SUN ecosystem are set to enjoy continued growth at 20% CAGR, as mesh network technology begins to reach into new verticals and different business models are developed/implemented. As we push ahead with our Field Area Network (FAN) certification program, we look forward to growing our global membership further.”


Representing Asia Pacific (Australia, China, India, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), the Americas (Brazil, Canada, USA), Europe (Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden, UK) and South Africa, Wi-SUN members include globally recognised companies, as well as national companies and utilities, offering more than 80 products between them. Currently there are more than 89 million Wi-SUN capable devices awarded worldwide (Navigant Research: .


Working with organisations looking to design and connect interoperable wireless devices across smart cities and smart utilities, Wi-SUN Alliance has recently expanded its focus to reach more vendors and utility operators, together with telecoms carriers across Europe where recent changes in the wireless spectrum have opened up new market opportunities.


Membership of the Wi-SUN Alliance is open to all industry stakeholders and includes silicon vendors, product vendors, services providers, utilities, universities, enterprises and municipalities and local government organisations.


To learn more about the benefits of participating in Wi-SUN, see video ( of Colton Ching, Senior Vice President Planning & Technology, Hawaiian Electric Company: Colton Ching at Wi-SUN Members Meeting.

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