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Honeywell Ionic launches BESS

The latest scalable end-to-end modular battery energy storage system (BESS) and energy management tool from Honeywell (h
), the Honeywell Ionic is a single, complete solution for commercial and industrial customers as well as independent power producers who are looking to optimize energy costs, store back-up power, and reduce their carbon footprint.  It’s also applicable for front-of-meter users who are seeking to simplify the installation process and reduce installation costs.
Installed with lithium-ion battery cells, the design emphasizes flexibility and futureproofing. Honeywell Ionic includes Honeywell’s Experion® Energy Control System and a chemistry-agnostic Battery Management System (BMS).  Experion helps users to manage and optimize energy use by improving uptime, enabling peak shaving, and providing the ability to create a Virtual Power Plant.  The BMS provides insight into performance at the cell level, and is configurable with advances in battery chemistry, insulating the end user from future supply-chain risks.
Due to its structural design and compact dimensions, the modular architecture provides a solution that can be deployed with a standard forklift and simpler site preparation – which significantly reduces installation costs.  The modular design also provides higher energy storage per square foot, scalable from approximately 700 kilowatt hours (kWh) to 300 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy capacity in a standard configuration and lasting up to two hours at maximum rate of discharge.  This solution provides customers with a lower installed cost per kilowatt hour, whilst its modular approach allows customers to incrementally add storage capacity at their own pace, rather than having to invest in more capacity than needed.
“Honeywell Ionic is designed to be an efficient and versatile component of customers’ energy transition,” says Chad Briggs, Vice President and General Manager of Projects and Automation Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions.  “Honeywell is developing battery energy storage solutions that help companies maximize their renewable energy resources and achieve their corporate sustainability goals.”
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