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ZoneFox releases version 3.2


IT security experts, ZoneFox (, has added a much-requested feature to its ZoneFox software with the launch of ZoneFox version 3.2.


The latest version comes with a Networking Dashboard and includes Network Monitoring capabilities to bring total visibility to files which are uploaded and downloaded both within the organizational network and to sites on the internet.  A Networking Dashboard provides an overview of the amount of data that has been uploaded or downloaded by your organization, and exactly where in the world your data being uploaded to, or where data is being downloaded from on the ZoneFox Data Flow Map.


In addition, your IT team can view the quantity of data involved in this data flow for each country and analyses data by top locations, both geographically and by website, where data is uploaded to and downloaded from by users, and which users upload and download the most in your organization. The data presented on the dashboard allows you to quickly spot any anomalies which could affect your security – whether this is data transfers to an unexpected country or a particular user who has uploaded an unusually large amount of data in a short period of time.  But the real power of the ZoneFox Network Monitoring feature comes from its full integration with the software’s search capabilities.  Whilst the dashboard provides users with an overview of network activity, as soon as you start to add search terms, you can filter down through the data to the most relevant events to your investigation.

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