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Continued demand for Data Centres

The need for hyper efficient, well connected, flexible and scalable space has led to Data Centre growth for one of the UK’s fastest growing data centre providers, VIRTUS Data Centres (  Building on its continued rapid growth trend of the last five years, VIRTUS reports that it has not seen any negative impact on the London market post the Brexit vote; in fact, London is reported to have had a record year in colocation take up and VIRTUS share of that market is amongst the highest in the industry.
Increasing demand for the type of hyper efficient, well connected, flexible and scalable space, which VIRTUS has become known for, enables VIRTUS to be well positioned to deliver readily deployed IT space to enterprise and cloud service provider users alike.  Its most recently completed data hall in LONDON4, comprises 2,200sqm, making it one of the largest single data halls in Europe.  Neil Cresswell, CEO of VIRTUS Data Centres, commented, “After the Brexit vote, there was a lot of talk about the negative impact it might have on the economy, and the UK data centre industry in particular, but we haven’t seen any slowdown in enquires so far.  There’s naturally a long way to go, but things like the UK committing to adopt the GDPR as well as the positive UK economic growth figures, all continue to make London a very attractive place to do business.”
“Throughout 2016 demand was particularly strong from the cloud sector, but we have also seen significant growth in financial services, digital media and the education sector, as well as companies requiring a UK presence to target the public sector or to reduce latency through our edge data centre solutions.”
VIRTUS’ success means it is well on its way to being the largest hybrid colocation provider in the London metro area.

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