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Conga gives Offploy efficiency

UK-based ex-offender employment experts Offploy selects Conga ( and its Conga Composer, Conga Grid and Conga Sign solutions to build a critically-needed software system that supports the company’s mission of supporting the rehabilitation of people with criminal records.

“Prior to implementing Conga, we were wasting precious time on mundane tasks, including writing case reports, retyping handwritten notes, formulating emails and collating data,” explains Jacob Hill, Managing Director and Founder, Offploy.  “It was a nightmare, not just for our team, but for the people we were trying to help put their lives back together.  We wanted a solution that integrated seamlessly into Salesforce – and Conga was the perfect fit.”

Offploy went on to deploy Conga Sign to resolve issues associated with wet signatures.  This has eased the pressure on candidates who can now read and sign documents at their own pace.  Despite government agencies being hesitant about using digital signatures, due to legal and security concerns, a demonstration of the solution proved to commissioners that digital signatures were even more secure than traditional signatures.

The social enterprise is also using Conga Composer for its mentors to quickly create personalised project summaries, reports and action plans at the touch of a button.  This has simplified report creation for programme funders – including The Probation Service, The Police Service, the National Health Service (NHS), the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and local councils – which can now see the tangible proof of candidates’ journey and the progress achieved.

As a result of the implementation, Offploy has decreased the amount of paperwork by 80%, reduced the administrative burden on staff from 16 hours to 30 minutes per candidate in a 12 to 16-week lifecycle and scaled candidate support by 300%, boosting employee morale by giving them more time to focus on helping candidates and less time completing manual paperwork.

“Offploy serves as an excellent example of how we can empower business transformation through Conga solutions, no matter the industry,” says Noel Goggin, CEO, Conga.  “It is particularly satisfying to see the power of Conga’s technology helping a social enterprise such as Offploy to focus on its mission at hand, rather than the operational complexities that come with running a business at scale.”

The full case study can be found at

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