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Caspar cares for the vulnerable

Relied on by 81 council departments and law firms in England & Wales today, Caspar, the bespoke software provides end-to-end case management solution from Trojan Consultants (, has been looking after the interests of vulnerable people for over three decades.

Originally designed to fill a gap in the local authority market for account recording and financial reconciliation, Caspar continues to provide account recording and financial reconciliation for Court of Protection practitioners, allowing deputies & appointees to readily track & report on all client activity.

“Caspar has transformed the way we work!” says Donna Golden, Client Finance Lead, Estate Section at Middlesbrough Council.  “It is a straightforward, user friendly system that allows us to store plenty of important information that is easily accessible and over the years Caspar has helped us provide a much more efficient service to our clients”.

Trojan, which already provided a Patient Monies system for hospitals and other medical institutions to safeguard the finances and assets of vulnerable individuals, developed Caspar in response to a gap in the market identified by a long standing Trojan software user.  The user was heavily involved in resolving Deputyship issues with the Office of the Public Guardian, the Government body designated to protect vulnerable people as decisions are made about their finances and welfare.

“From his contact with multiple local authorities, he knew that Deputyship and Appointeeship finances were being managed in very manual ways using spreadsheets or handwritten records, which was far from ideal,” recalls Larry Morgan, Trojan’s Commercial Director.  “These ad-hoc systems were open to abuse, and councils were at risk of being accused of wrongdoing.  They needed to provide more robust accountability and traceability – to safeguard client finances, and so they would be able to defend their actions and decisions if needed.”

Remaining true to its ethos of building solutions in direct collaboration with the people who need and use them, Trojan developed Caspar hand-in-hand with its initial clients to ensure the solution was fit for purpose. “There was nothing else like it on the market,” Larry notes.

Earlier this year, Trojan launched a version of Caspar specifically optimized for solicitors representing vulnerable clients as Appointees or Deputies through their private legal practices, where issues such as OPG reporting and optimizing billable time are among the practical challenges firms face.  

Trojan’s Caspar for Solicitors is being quickly adopted across the private legal industry in England and Wales, and has been highly praised by law firms for bringing order, efficiency and improved transparency to CoP case management, and the company plans to migrate its solutions to the cloud, with the aim of making Patient Monies, Caspar, and Caspar for Solicitors available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis to provide an even easier and more intuitive experience for customers.

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