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Blain comments on staff motivation

As Prime View Magazine votes Jeremy Blain  (, author of “The Inner CEO” ( one of the 10 most prominent leaders to follow in 2021 ( we catch up with Jeremy for his views on staff motivation.

“Remote working has been a real test of leadership for many businesses.  Employees are now more discerning about who they work for and what that work should look like.  A key motivation factor across individual contributors is the need for ‘meaningful’ work supported by more human-centred leaders – it often goes beyond salary and remuneration.”

“In my research ‘The Enlightened Leader©’ ( – we asked employees for what they wanted more of and what they wanted from their leaders.   Number one on the list for employees themselves was to be more empowered, supported by appropriate collaborative technologies, so they could contribute beyond their job role and to the broader business.  This is reinforced by the US company SABA who found in their research that 70% of US employees consider themselves leaders at their level. (

“Employees also feedback the number one need from their leaders was for greater demonstration of empathy.  Supporting employees on a human level as well as more traditional ‘show me the numbers’ leadership.”

“If we put these together – a more empowered workforce who can truly step up as leaders at all levels, supported by more human, empathic, supportive leaders – then we create a mobilized, engaged, more motivated workforce capable of more than just a job description.  This creates a culture of autonomy, a term coined by Marina Krakowski, rather than a culture of compliance like many traditional organizations.  It’s in this bold new approach that employees can truly step up and show what they can do.  It’s motivational and rewarding for all.  Not just employees and not just individuals.”

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