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Blain comments on leadership

As the world slowly emerges from lockdowns and businesses ready themselves for the future, we catch up with world-renowned inspirational entrepreneur, Jeremy Blain  (, author of “The Inner CEO” ( for his view on why leadership is more important than ever when it comes to business transformation.

“Leadership comes to the fore in times of uncertainty.  But, let’s face it, most so-called ‘Leaders’ don’t really lead at all – they simply tell people what to do.  Throughout the pandemic many leaders focused on monitoring individual performance of remote staff, rather than inspiring their staff to perform better.”

“You know the kind of thing, when the boss tries a new initiative telling everyone how committed they are.  Everyone plays along waiting for it to pass, and within a few weeks everyone is back where they were before the initiative began pretending everything was great.”

“This is because there was no inspiration – without inspiration people just keep going through the motions.  That is why as the leader (whether it is as head of an organization, department, division, or even supervising a small team), you must find true inspiration.  It is only with your inspiration that you will be able to get others inspired too.”

“Inspiration is the engine that drives business transformation helping to create a resilient business for the future.  Now go and start your inspiration engine!”

Jeremy’s full blog can be see at
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