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Baker Ing and Esker join forces
Baker Ing is forming a strategic alliance with Esker ( to help companies optimize financial operations and combat inflationary pressures using Esker Order-to-Cash (O2C) and Accounts Payable solutions.  

The Baker Ing team will be referring to Esker's suite of Order-to-Cash solutions to include Collections Management, Cash Application, Credit Management, Invoice Delivery, Claims and Deductions, and E-payment solutions.  Credit managers can run searches on debtors and create a log of any possible reluctance for timely payment, and with Esker AI-driven Collections Management fitting perfectly with systems Baker Ing already have in place means it can offer a much enhanced service to its customers.

“This is the opportunity for companies to fortify their financial operations, ensuring they stay competitive in an inflation-ridden market,” comments Lisa Baker-Reynolds, CEO, Baker Ing International.  “Baker Ing is renowned for its expertise in receivables management for high-value and sensitive accounts.  By aligning Baker Ing's specialised collection services with Esker's AI-driven Collections Management solution, businesses gain a strong approach to managing receivables in this inflationary environment.  In a climate where inflationary pressures loom large, optimized receivables management isn’t just good practice; it’s a financial imperative.”

“As businesses grapple with the cost-escalating effects of inflation, streamlining financial processes has become more critical than ever,” adds Alistair Nicholas, Managing Director, Esker Northern Europe.  “Our alliance with Baker Ing delivers a robust solution that enables businesses to protect their bottom lines in these challenging times.”

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