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Atradius Global celebrates 25 years

Now celebrating its silver anniversary, Atradius Global ( founded in 1997, is the the international unit supporting the unique needs of multinational corporations who seek policy alignment across several markets.

Under the leadership of first Gil Black, then Tommie Sjodahl, Andreas Tesch and now Martie van Velsen, the unit has grown in both strength and reach.  Renowned for excellent customer care and cross-Atradius partnership working, the unit has a reputation for being like a family.

“The 25th anniversary of Global is an important milestone for all of Atradius and not just Global.  Our unit is an integral part of the whole company.  We work with our Atradius colleagues and brokers to help deliver the promise that Atradius makes to all customers, to provide high-quality customer care, driven by our knowledge and understanding of their businesses and their markets,” says  Martie van Velsen, Global Director, Atradius.

“We deliver excellent service by being proactive, listening to our customers and working as a team.  We have worked hard to achieve our successes and will not stand still but will continue to grow while working hand-in-hand with our Atradius colleagues, brokers and customers.”
“Global understands the unique challenges faced by multinationals and has developed a partnership approach to solving issues that our customers value. The fact that so many of our multinational customers have been with us from the earliest days of the Global unit to today is a testament to their work,” adds Andreas Tesch, CMO, Atradius.  “Global is an important and integral part of Atradius and I am proud of what the team has achieved over the past 25 years, both in terms of growth and the consistency of service. I look forward to seeing what we can deliver over the next 25 years.”

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