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Argentina 100 days and counting

The latest economic review of Argentina by trade credit insurer Atradius ( marks the 100-day milestone of centre-left Peronist Alberto Fernández’s election victory in October, and the subsequent the formation of a new government.

The report, entitled Argentina: clock is ticking 100 days after elections, is a useful information tool for any business trading within the country, providing insight into political and economic developments.

“The new administration in Argentina faces a tough balancing act between campaign pledges to limit austerity and investor demands for a clear macroeconomic plan to enhance the long-term sustainability of government finances, says Tanya Giles, Head of SME business for Atradius UK.

“Reviving the economy and rebuilding confidence is crucial and failure could lead to further peso depreciation, higher inflation and a further tightening of currency controls, making it impossible for the government to finance its social programmes and restart the economy.”

“Economic hardship for Argentina’s population is it seems not over yet.  For firms trading in Argentina, it is as important as ever to be alert to the political and economic landscape and the impact of the administration’s actions upon the market, upon local businesses and on consumers,” continues Giles.

“In a market defined by such uncertainty, comprehensive knowledge and expert, real-time insight can make the difference between payment delays and developing a profitable, successful trade relationship”.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the publications page ( of the Atradius website.

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