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In Conversation with Steve Paul
With AI now shaking up the payments arena, we talk to Steve Paul, Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Equals Money
The slippery slope from triumphant profitability to financial disaster
Seeing a business descend from the calm of profitability to the chaos of collapse is watching a tragedy that destroys jobs.
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Covering all areas of: Business Performance, Finance and Credit Analytics, Credit and Asset Management, Economics, Corporate Governance, Equities and Investments, Asset Funding and Insurance, Management Strategies, Corporate Purpose, Corporate Fraud, Law and Legislation, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Innovation across all industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, IT and Software, AI and Emerging Technologies, Document Management Solutions, Cybersecurity.


The ideas presented in these articles have been tested in the real world of business and can be translated into action.

Why is negative working capital
suddenly so popular?

A significant percentage of companies across the UK economy now operate with greater short-term liabilities than their ‘quick’ assets.
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UK business investment lags behind competitors
UK business investment is poor and has been for decades
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Stopping healthy competition turning into rivalry
Competition is a natural part of doing business.
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Coping with a low growth, no growth economy
2023 was a difficult year with little growth, soaring interest rates, record insolvencies and an inflation crisis,
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Shareholder and management agendas
Shareholder disputes are not common, but they can be devastating.
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