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WatchGuard acquires Datablink


To build on the company’s portfolio of network and wireless security solutions, WatchGuard Technologies ( has acquired Datablink, to further enhance its ability to make multi-factor authentication accessible for SMBs and distributed enterprises.
According to the ‘2016 Data Breach Investigations Report’, 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak default or stolen passwords, proving that multi-factor authentication is a critical component to any organisation’s overall approach to data security.
Unfortunately, cost and complexity has kept this technology out of reach for most SMB and mid-market organisations.  WatchGuard has a proven track record breaking down that barrier across multiple security markets – network security, advanced threat detection and response, and wireless security – and advanced authentication is next.
“Our vision has always been to make high-end enterprise-grade security accessible to everyone, regardless of company size or technical capabilities. Until now, the only barrier standing between the SMB market and mass adoption of authentication technology has been accessibility,” said Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard. “We’re excited to expand our portfolio and believe when we launch the new cloud-based authentication service next year, we’ll be hitting the market at the perfect time.”
WatchGuard’s plan is to bring the Datablink advanced authentication as a fully cloud-based service for SMBs and distributed enterprises. The solution will enable WatchGuard partners and customers to implement strong authentication for network access, remote network access, privileged user access, SaaS application access and employee workstation access.

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