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Silobreaker streamlines threat intelligence work

Cyber threat intelligence work can now been simplified and streamlined using Silobreaker's ( latest brand-new user interface.

Designed to radically improve navigation across the platform, Silobreaker's new UI design gives improvements to analysis and alerting make it even easier to cut through noise and discover actionable insights, while searching tools have been revamped to offer additional context and clarity.  

“When we improved the UI, our most important consideration was to add value for analysts using the tool,” says Kristofer Mansson, CEO, Silobreaker.  “We took a lot of user feedback on board and created new and more efficient ways of contextualizing and pivoting around indicators of compromise, threat actors, malware and other entities. We also made sure the tool would continue providing intuitive and high-level views of any topic, event or development.”

With the new UI, Silobreaker is now in an unrivalled position to offer customers an understanding of risk across the open and deep and dark web.  Upgrades to analytical tools such as Time Series and Heat let users see how threats are evolving in real-time, and give analysts the context they need to escalate or remediate as necessary.

“We have worked with our leading deep and dark web partners to come up with more efficient ways of understanding how threat actors are operating in this space, what they are talking about, and why.  By visualizing how exploits are being leveraged on the dark web in tandem with open sources allows companies to prioritize their resources as necessary, and puts Silobreaker in the position of being the analyst's threat intelligence tool of choice," contnued Mansson.

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