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Multi agency competition causes companies to suffer

Strategic brand, marketing and digital consultancy CAB Studios ( are calling for specialist agencies supposedly working together on integrated campaigns, to stop competing with each other for the biggest budget, which they say will lead to a fragmented strategy and ultimately, a less compelling customer experience.

“It’s natural for clients to seek out the best in class and to want to work with agencies who are specialists in their field. This makes perfect sense in theory, but the challenge comes when they appoint several specialists who are simply unable to work collaboratively," says Ben Wood, Executive Creative at CAB Studios.  "Competing for budget and recognition has no benefit to the client, and it certainly does not improve customer experiences, so why does it still happen? A sharp focus on the strategic objectives and what we all want to achieve as a collective is vital, rather than looking at what each individual agency wants to do to make themselves look better. We strongly resist this at CAB, and invest time in establishing real value partnerships with other agencies. It makes our job much easier and it delivers far better results for our clients.”


Other topics explored in Power to the Customer include; mastering Omnichannel, Lifecycle marketing, the Big data and its role in Cx, and the concluding chapter; ‘Manifesto for Change’, in which CAB call on organisations to stop imposing rules on minimum qualifications when seeking out creative talent, and that they learn to recognise creativity and marketing ability in all of its’ guises. The white paper is available to download for free from the CAB website homepage at

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