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BMC launches AMI cloud

Organizations looking to unlock their mission-critical data across hybrid IT infrastructures to increase business intelligence for better decision making, are now able to take advantage of the power of on-premises mainframe computing for large-scale, business-critical transactions while gaining the benefits of the cloud following the launch of BMC’s Automated Mainframe Cloud (BMC AMI Cloud) ( from autonomous digital enterprise software leader, BMC (

“Organisations rely on their mainframes to run their always-on, digital world,” says John McKenny, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation, BMC.  “By launching BMC AMI Cloud, we’re helping them modernize their mainframe by eliminating the need for specialized skills and unlocking their mainframe data to gain the benefits of cloud computing, so they can secure the most value for their organisations.”

“As enterprises double down on hybrid cloud deployments, mission-critical data is a key component of any strategy.  The ability to leverage cloud storage and data protection for system resilience, backup, archiving, and enhancing cybersecurity posture is therefore crucial,” adds Steven Dickens, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Futurum Group.  “BMC’s launch of the BMC AMI Cloud portfolio represents their commitment to helping their clients embrace a hybrid cloud approach for mainframe-based data and is a seminal moment in the storied history of the mainframe.”

Included in the BMC AMI Cloud portfolio are: the ‘BMC AMI Cloud Data’ that uses cloud object storage technology to help migrate mainframe backup and archive data to the cloud quickly and securely, eliminating the cost of expensive, proprietary, tape-based and virtual tape library (VTL)-based storage hardware and reducing associated software licenses by as much as 50%; ‘BMC AMI Cloud Vault’ to create an immutable data copy of the mainframe environment to generate multiple copies with end-to-end compression and encryption for protection against cyber-threats and ransomware; whilst, ‘BMC AMI Cloud Analytics’ facilities the easy transfer and transform mainframe data for use in any AI/ML analytics cloud applications to gain business intelligence and make data more actionable.

“I am thrilled with the exceptional results we have achieved by implementing BMC’s data protection and storage management solutions for our mainframe data.  With BMC AMI Cloud, we were able to modernize our legacy infrastructure and unlock new levels of efficiency and cost savings.  BMC’s solution seamlessly integrates with our mainframe systems, eliminating the need for costly tape backups and streamlining our data management processes,” comments Simon Youssef, Head of Mainframe, Israel Postal Bank.  “The flexibility and scalability of their cloud-based approach allowed us to leverage the power of hybrid infrastructure, optimizing our storage costs and improving data accessibility.  Thanks to BMC, we have not only enhanced our data protection capabilities, but also gained the agility to support future growth and innovation.  I highly recommend BMC AMI Cloud to any organization looking to revolutionize their mainframe data management and embark on a successful digital transformation journey.”
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