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AI cash forecasting tool

A new AI-powered cash forecasting solution which gives Treasurers greater accuracy in their forecasts has been launched by Taulia (

Treasurers consistently cite cash forecasting as their number one priority. However, forecasting is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process and all too often the results fail to accurately forecast cash shortfalls or surpluses.

“Integrating AI with document level data greatly improves the speed and accuracy of cash forecasting, meaning that treasurers can make faster, better-informed decisions about their cash,” says Brady Cale, Taulia’s Chief Technology Officer.

By drawing upon document level data combined with counterparty risk and network behaviour data, Taulia Cash Forecasting takes a data-driven approach, which when coupled with Taulia’s machine learning engine, results in an accurate and reliable view of future cash flows.

With near real-time visibility into their future flows, Treasurers can improve their yield on cash, more effectively manage foreign exchange risk and anticipate future financing needs.

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